Feed back - Permafrost event mediocre

This is what i thought of the event this Christmas.

  1. The loot was very mediocre to poor. It’s christmas time, it would not hurt you to give a little more after all is only digital pixel nothing more. ie Battleships with a laser crystal and a bit of scrap metal.
    oh and opening hacking boxes after 3-4 tries yes I suck at hacking to find the box is empty is very disheartening. why ? could you not find something for every box?

  2. the event site was difficult for alphas if not impossible in places. not very good for your alpha players they exist as well and would like something to do over the holidays re a choice of what they want do.

  3. Fix the dam camera, could not rotate it fully up or down etc and why were the tactical views turned off (I almost lost a battleship with a mico-jump-drive-warp that put me in the middle of a fleet of rats with 270hp/s active tank
    I could not move the dam camera to see where I wanted to go and with the tactical stuff was disabled. this really needs addressing.

End of my rant:
I know some people that totally hated the event myself thought it was poor to ok but lacked loot, and forcing people to do mostly all the quests was not a good idea. they should have been allowed to do what the wanted within the event. and dont lock quests behind other quests.
if people want mine let them mine dont force them to go shoot rats to unlock another mining quest. ditto hacking and so on.

This is addressed to CCP - Not the community. as large and IMO things that need fixing.

you know you write in a forum free for everyone to comment?

i didnt had the problems you mentioned in part 3 …


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