The Scoop on Operation Permafrost

I made a video for the new live event, which can be found here.. I cover how the 3 pockets work, and offer some fits.

Unfortunately, drop rates were underwhelming, and there were several annoyances concerning mechanics. Personally, I think I’ll continue with my normal isk making activities, and buy what I want from the market.

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention in the video. Everything was super bright and blown out when I had post processing set to low. Changing it to high fixed it, however.


Thanks for this. I did one room myself twice and the camera restriction combined with the white out was irritating so I gave up. Still not seeing a good reason to run these.

Well, I warped into the mining site (west gate) in my venture and immediately went pop…

[ 2018.12.19 04:53:12 ] (combat) 316 from Atmospheric Instabilities - Hits
[ 2018.12.19 04:53:12 ] (combat) 251 from Atmospheric Instabilities - Hits
[ 2018.12.19 04:53:12 ] (combat) 94 from Atmospheric Instabilities - Hits
[ 2018.12.19 04:53:44 ] (notify) You are in a capsule, which does not have the facilities to allow you to move items.

Yeah, I should have updated my post. I had heard that there was a damaging cloud that was popping ships on warp in. I don’t know what triggers it, or if it is bugged in any way. Regardless, take your chances you’ll get hit, or skip on the event. Hopefully, the next one will be good.

I agree that this is a bad event. I really enjoyed Crimson Harvest event at Halloween. I haven’t enjoyed this permafrost thing at all. I have encountered the following faults playing on the few days I got to be online:

  • very hard to initially find event sites. I had to ask. I had to ask about a lot of things in this event to work it all out. Very poor mission explanations. (eg. Looking at warp gates to complete the initial missions was not very clear)
  • The missions are not fun. I liked the Halloween event because I could mine or fight. It was easy and fun. This mission structure forces me to gas mine, and constantly fight in a mining vessel and PVP in a mining vessel (what the hell btw??!) Generally I don’t want to do this sot of thing. I want to fight or mine please, not both at the same time.
  • Too many rats when mining. I have lost a retriever and a VNI cruiser trying to complete the damn mining missions. I just gave up in frustration in the end. I just got totally swamped by rats. 6 cruisers is too ridiculous to spawn in at one go. I call a bug on that one. The rats are just out of control.
  • Killing rats in north gate was easier but I never got a battleship because of kill stealers. Not fun.
  • Hacking sites was so hard as all the cans are red processors - why so hard? Was also hard to hack with the endless spawns of rats and I was using a stratios with drones to guard me. Very low rewards for the effort required. I got a couple of the usual tier 1 boosters for a couple of hours of work. Wow…
  • Too many bugs in the whole thing. It’s just bad all round and the forum complaints support this.
  • Overall extreme grind, especially for newer players like me. Its a game. We are not here to endlessly play this game all day trying to do low reward missions. The crimson Harvest missions are a shining example of how to do it by comparison. Jump in, do the mission, jump out. Good loot. Good rewards. It was fun. This is low reward, extreme grind, expect to get overwhelmed with rats whatever you do, and is generally no fun. I don’t have the top end blingy ships. I shouldn’t need them to cope with the event missions - it’s a holiday event guys, not a two week grind for few rewards. Fun should be the result.

Go back to the Crimson Harvest style of play for events - it was fun. This is not. I would like to thank Chen for stopping, taking the time to help me out and donating some cash to fix my losses while trying to get these stupid missions done. At least the Eve community is still fun to fleet with. o7


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