Operation Permafrost

I just have to say after testing it out on Singularity I have noticed some problems with it. The largest problem being you can not scroll the camera to effectively look up. After speaking with others I have come to the understanding this is an Abyss site problem that they have seen before. It is going to be a problem when people can not really see how many people are above them.

Also none of the Examine the Gate missions work, that’s all 3 not working.

The rest of the content works but I recommend turning down the white unless you actually intend your players to wear sunglasses to play your game.


@CCP_Dragon @CCP_Falcon Please have a look here. The view lock and lack of any tactical view on the field kills the event for me. Rats are above you, but you can’t look up. You can’t get spatial awareness on the battlefield without having the grid or being able to zoom out.

Also everything is too bright. This is all terrible! Please try to fix this before release.

It’s a shame because the gameplay feels innovative and nice.


Q: After destroying the first 15 Mordus ships I claim the points and then the next task is “defeat 15 Mordus ships with M weapons”

Medium weapons?? Really?

Next is small weapons iirc from Hoboleaks.

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so you have to keep changing ships/weapons?

I made a video about the event for those interested Operation Permafrost

I was able to do the examine the gate objectives by right clicking and looking at the gates.

Bug: Tried submitting a bug report for this stuff. Unfortunately, I don’t know if it actually got submitted or not because it doesn’t show up in “My Bug Reports”.

Bug: Everything was blown out with post processing on low. Changing Post Processing to High fixed it (presumably).

Probable Bug: The reprocessing rate for the structures in the site are straight garbage. For reference, you can get a 1 to 1 ratio for the gas in a NPC station, but at the gas refining structure, you get 2 tricarboxyls for 120 units of gas. I don’t know if that was intended or not, but I guarantee you that it’s going to piss people off. Especially, since it doesn’t tell you how many tricarboxyls you’re going to get back before you press accept.

Possible Bug: The Reprocessing Rate for the ore seems low. In comparison, a Gas Mining venture can yield about 500 Chromodynamic Tricarboxyls an hour, while an ore mining procurer could only manage 120. And the difference would be even worse if you factor in travel time.

Additional feedback: So far, the rewards seem rather low, especially considering site difficulty and the one site per constellation limit (which will presumably increase the likelihood of competitors and the threat from ninja looters and gankers). Highsec PvP’ers might like this setup, but I’ll probably continue with my normal money making activities, and buy what I want from the market :frowning:

Also, I agree with the person saying everything is too bright (and that’s when everything looks normal). Like, I have dark themes on all my programs, and extensions on my web browsers that make web pages dark. I keep my mancave dark, and am annoyed by bright scenes, programs without dark themes, and webpages that refuse to go dark. It’s like when the driver behind you has his brights on at night.

Also, the camera restrictions aren’t neat, they don’t set the mood, or anything like that. They’re just annoying.

And why are the “ice asteroids” mineable with strip miners, and not ice harvesters?

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Who thought making the objectives requiring alternating weapon sizes was a good idea?
Is the goal of this event to be annoying? Because if that’s the case I’m happy to inform you that your mission was accomplished, after testing the event on Singularity.

Also, what is the reason for not being able to look up?
There are rats who spawn literally right above you…

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Overall formula of this event is quite interesting, especially whole scenery built only for it’s purpose. I like that. Due to reasons below I’ll most likely skip this one but definitely looking forward to future iterations of this formula.

Brightness? Well seems fine for me so maybe it’s just settings.

Inability to look up is super annoying. Like really, really annoying. I also noticed I couldn’t align to target from the warp in, had to use aproach instead (middle gate).

For some reason deployed MTU lost it’s name :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Gameplay itself is rather boring. Comparing it to, for example, “Operation: Conscious Interruption” it looks pale.

Glacial Drift skins, again. Seriously?

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and its still broken, ventures and other small ships are being hit and popped by boundary damage on landing. no rats on grid i was hit to 40% hull where i was fine yesterday so i will be moving on


No one has said anything about the rats resists yet?

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I can’t say much about the event since I haven’t been able to play it much since it’s so bright. I can’t read any of the text on the screen an to make the hub visible I had to set transparency to cero. I have brightness set to lowest but that doesn’t help much since everything else is also darker. Who’s idea was to make everything white on a game with all white text? SMH

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Been busy watching the cold moon and meteor showers. First time I actually skipped an event.

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Seems like most don’t want to be troubled with changing out weapon sizes and expects CCP to generate content around a single size weapon and ship type just for your convenience…sadly such a convience doesn’t exist in Eve Online…its a sandbox.

If you can’t scratch and cover in different places in the sandbox then how does the kitty climb out the kitty hole?

Below is a kitty who scratches and covers in the same mentality of Eve Online.



Sad to see no fixes were done. I checked the event out day one, same stories. :frowning:

I gave up around the 380 point mark, then I decided to skill up for a procurer and gas harvesters, hit 900 in less than a day. Felt satisfying.

Garbage event. The whiteout, eye-burning visuals are a fireable offense for whoever OK’d it… The lack of information on what to do and where to go is more evidence of a lack of quality control… This event is the first in a long time that I would just rather be over to get the annoying AF panel off of my screen.

I’ll just buy the Megathron skin from a poor sap who had so suffer through the god-awful ‘event’.

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