Game down?

has the game gone down?



Yes, RIP, what will I do with my time…

Clean the house? Never!

spend time with your partner

Double Never!

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It is a really good time for refreshing alcohol stocks. (runs for the store)


Just sat down to play, and now this…

Yeah I can’t get in either. God dang it!

Well it seems the game went down for the WM Football game of RUS or just all techis watching the game :slight_smile:

@CCP_Falcon @CCP_raRaRa

I pay a monthly subscription for this game. A game I am currently unable to play because of ‘technical issues’ on your end. I am not being provided with the product that I pay a monthly subscription for. I feel like some form of compensation is owed, not only to me, but to all Omega capsuleers at this point.

A paying customer.

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CCP has always been fair with compensations, so please let them work on the issue instead of complaining :wink:

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@Gotcha_Whaoola @Solomon_XI

I am being more than fair.

still waiting for the skill points we were promised few months ago

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We need to see if you have your Omega Clone Compensation Permit first.

Are you within the permits compliance orders?

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You pay a monthly subscription of, presumably, no more than 10 UKP. That works at a 33 pence a day, or 1.4 pence per hour. If Eve stays down for 4 hours that’s a little over 5.5 UK pennies (7 US cents, 0.06 Euros). Would you like it as a cash, or would a bank-transfer be preferable ?


Only bigger waist of time then playing eve online is writing on eve forum about not being able to play eve online…

Ouroboros logic

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gives me time to work on spreadsheets

I’ve actually balanced my checkbook and paid bills … the horror of RL. Come back EVE.

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CCP…Please!!! Fix the problem as soon as possible…I’ve had to actually talk to my wife this morning, it’s been frightening.

If I don’t log in at all today, know that I love you all and my alliance can split my assets.