What did happen to our free SP compensation?

(Giv Lootz) #1

What did happen to our free XP gift? as referenced here:

“In light of the extended downtime and the impact it’s had on your gameplay experience, we’ll also be looking to supply a skillpoint gift in the near future.”

Promised compensations ? when?
2018/06/14 - Database & Login Issues
(Cypherous) #2

Probably lost in fanfest prep or was never actually authorised, i mean, it was 30 minutes of extra DT, how many SP could someone actually lose in that time lol

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #3

Should be:

(Algarion Getz) #4

What? The game wasnt playable for like 12h, as an European you lost pretty much an entire day + the following days were also full of bugs and performance issues.

Devs wouldnt present the prospect of a SP gift just because of 30min extra downtime.

(Arthur Aihaken) #5

Emphasis mine.

(LouHodo) #6

How many SP is 30min to an hour really worth? 20-100 maybe.

Not a whole lot to be honest.

(Giv Lootz) #7

Didn’t need to offer in the first place, but given they did :smiling_imp:

(Julien Brellier) #8

Another greedy, grasping millenial demanding free ■■■■.

Us old farts remember every expansion meaning DAYS of downtime and disruption. We didn’t ask for anything, we just wanted EVE back online.
We even pulled together to buy a round of pizza one night when the game died so the Devs could keep working on a fix through the night.

CCP have made a rod for their own backs in recent times, giving out free SP as soon as DT goes over 15 minutes.
But it’s up to them if they want to pander to the crying masses of children. And they did state that this tiny little extended downtime was worthy of yet more free SP.

(Giv Lootz) #9

You seem to have lost your bridge! Those April showers causing a flood I expect :ocean:

(Netan MalDoran) #10

1000 for 30 minutes, which is still almost nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

(Arthur Aihaken) #11

Baited on a 5-minute downtime…

(Sono Yuu) #12

Better than the 4 days I have been down, and 3 days that support has not responded. Now you can’t even select support on the EVE Online website.

Can we get a patch for the support bug?

(Rosov Aulmais) #13

Why do Tranquility players have so low expectations? On Serenity they consistently pay 5000 SP for every hour of extended downtime.

(DeMichael Crimson) #14

This was pretty much it.

In fact with the constant server shut downs that whole day was toast. So if anything 24 hrs worth of SP’s should cover everybody.

I’m currently training 2370 SP/Hour so 12 hours equals 28,440 SP’s. 24 hours equals 56,880 SP’s. Sure that could be viewed as a drop in the bucket but in reality it’s one day less of skill training needing to be done.

Even though I have almost 200mill SP’s, every single SP counts so yeah, I agree with the OP.

(Lily Inkura) #15

Indeed, it is just a question of principle (and of community) not one of entitlement.

Talking of communities, which children would those be? Based on the published age profiles of players - and personal observation - this game is instead populated by barrack-room lawyers, space cadets and indeed “old farts”. We know which one(s) you are doll. Yet, it takes years of practice to reach that sort of level of attainment. Don’t you think you are personally worthy of some recognition for your commitment to the cause? (Even if it is just the digital equivalent of a cold slice of pizza?)

(Cypherous) #16

Because we’re not as entitled as the chinese market it would seem, serenity is operated by a completely different company, what they choose to offer is entirely down to them, everyone seems to love comparing 2 entirely different things then complaining that one gives more freestuff to their extremely impatient playerbase, i mean if you want that SP you’re free to go and play over there, have you even remotely considered the fact that the overly generous SP they offer is an attempt to get people to spend money on the platform they invested time in setting up for the chinese players instead of them feeling like it would be better to play on TQ instead? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Arthur Aihaken) #17

Chances are if we recieve any free SP it will happen at the same time as the rest of Capsuleer rewards around May 6th (EVE’s 15th anniversary). I suspect Omegas will get a small skill injector while Alphas will get one of the daily injectors.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #18

there are people still waiting for the rest of the gifts to show up from the 10th anniversary mystery code m8 don’t hold your breath

(James Amril-Kesh) #19

I spent a full year not training anything. I really don’t care about a handful of sp.

(ISD Buldath) #20

With the Cooldown of Fanfest still in progress, there may be a delay in announcements and progress on various items. Things should pick up by the end of the week! As this answers your question, and to avoid further off topic commentary, I will go ahead and close this.