SP gift

I distinctly remember a promise of some SP after local went down few months back when they redid the chat system. Did that ever happen?


Nope. And they tend to get moderator happy when you ask about it now days.

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Shush. Just buy skill injectors, plex, skins any other possible shiny.

It did happen, though, right?

The promise? Yep. The follow through? Yeah right.

/me wants his sp, thanks.

We made mention of a skillpoint gift in this news item after the March release.

This was when we were confident we’d have the issues with chat under control in a few days.

Since then we’ve had repeated issues crop up that we’re still working on, and didn’t feel that it was appropriate to issue this yet until the issues were resolved.

Given that this gift doesn’t affect gameplay at all, but the issues with the chat system do, the gift was placed on hold until the issues are resolved.

We’ve explained this several times when people have asked, apologies for the confusion.

I’m hoping we’ll be in a better place in the next week or two, and we’ll put something out then.


Good to know, I think I decided not to bother continuing to play for about four days worth of Eve time in total when this first went down due to local being so borked that it was impossible to operate outside of the prime time period of my alliance.

However when that happened I got very interested in another game and stopped doing much at all for a couple of weeks, only coming back for longer periods than pings and stuff just recently, to grind some ISK so I can partake in the blue ball invasion war. I guess I am bad at Eve. But I enjoyed those fights, was fun being a ping player…

But it did make me less interested in playing that is for certain, so appreciate the SP very much when it arrives and the problem solved of course, which I may add is a lot more important to me…

For the little lambs in hisec perhaps, but where the real men go it made a difference.


So you are saying that CCP currently does not have the resources available to multitask? :slight_smile:

Or it could be not wanting to issue a gift for a problem solved when the problem is not solved.


It’s almost like some people are looking for a reason to troll huh?

Thanks for actually reading what I posted. :wink:


The amount of SP for such a slight inconvenience would be so paltry as to hardly be worth it. How much SP would you get? Enough to maybe shave 30 minutes off your queue? Not worth fighting over…

Are you guys considering rolling back to the old chat system if issues aren’t solved?

I dont think they will do that, this is clearly the better system, it allows for future of possibilities. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Well, nobody said the possibilities have to mean only good things. :wink:

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Ignore it, nothing we can do about it.

Omnathious Deninard
Or it could be not wanting to issue a gift for a problem solved when the problem is not solved.
Right, i think that’s what Falcon was saying. It’s not resolved yet, so not gift time yet.


That would make happy. Because I can then check if my targets are online or not.

Thanks for getting back to me on this! All has been made clear. Good luck on the chat overhaul - it still happens to me sometimes that local from previous systems will just stay unchanged when I jump gates - a relog usually resolves it, or I get disconnected from chat but not from the game - then my messages will be greyed out and say “undelivered.”

Why is the temporary loss of Local a SP issue? I haven’t been around long enough lately to understand the context.

It’s not an SP issue at all.

When there was a lot of rage during the first days/few weeks after the introduction of the new chat system, CCP came forward and said they’re going to compensate with SP for the inconvenience. I think it was just to calm the mood a bit. People could still play the game and there was no implication for SP progression apart from possibly a few T3C losses that occured in relation to not seeing hostiles in local.

I don’t mind free SP, but there is no reason to get all enraged about it coming later than expected.