[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 3 November 2021

Hello, everyone,

There will be an extended downtime tomorrow, Wednesday 3 November, during which we will carry out extra work related to the database maintenance. We expect this process to take no longer than 30 minutes and have Tranquility resume accepting connections by 11:30 UTC at the latest.

We will keep you posted in this thread and on EVE Status Twitter.

Thanks a lot for your understanding o7



11:30 Patch successfully deployed and DB maintenance completed on schedule. Tranquility is once again accepting connections

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When free SP for the trauma caused?


End of scarcity ■■■■■■■■?

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Nope, just some minor maintenance

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I agree. Free SP is a nice recompense for us sitting here chewing our nails while IT gets to play. We pay, they play.


Quit whining. Anything they do to help the game, should be looked at positively, especially since they are still trying to eliminate downtime.


Not whining, I already paid for that service and so did you. Zero downtime should be their ultimate goal and Free SP cost them nothing.

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thank you for the advance warning.

Can we assume that the ExDT is a result of the recent unexpectedly long downtimes?


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Yes, the dev key has to go.

For people that want compensation for the downtime, I think can think of a simple solution that would work. From the moment the servers go offline until they are opened up for the public to enter, have a +25% or +50% skill rate gain modifier to all characters. That way it is a flat percentage for everyone. No matter how long the downtimes are, all the players are treated fairly.
With it handled that way, there wouldn’t be any significant reasons for compensation skill injectors as often either.
Just my two ISK worth of opinion.


Or CCP could just state that daily downtime is 30 minutes, as other games do…then you benefit from 99.9% of DT being faster? :slight_smile:


Your thinking is excellent with one caveat. People spend real cash to buy Plex to sell for injectors. That would be detrimental to Eve’s bottom line and is not my desire to impact. As a former member of IT, it should always be every staff’s bottom operational line for zero downtime, which is attainable with the proper resources. Rewarding your client;s for IT’s failures, is good for business and should always be considered any time you have an operational downtime.

I paid for the opportunity to log in, exactly as the TOS states.


Sounds like Hypernet.

Just like with your phone service, your tv, or anything else. When you pay for a service, you have a reasonable expectation of zero downtime. You won’t get it, but perfection is never attainable either.
If you allow a corp, to slice an operational budget for IT to the bone, they will fail every time, to mainntain zero downtime. The truth is. With the proper resources, there will be no down time.

CCP does not guarantee that the System will always be available, or that the System will not become unavailable during Game play. The System may become unavailable for a number of reasons, including without limitation during the performance of maintenance to the System, for the implementation of new software, for emergency situations and due to equipment or telecommunications failures

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That is sad to hear, as a former IT for major corps. I guess cheating has always been allowed in the game, why not cheat your subscribers too.

I like eve and the dedication of the players and staff. Pride in professionalism is what I always sought to acheived. I think these guys are no different and are probably only hamstrung by the purse strings and not their capability nor their desire. Zero downtime is a professional goal for all IT as for these IT if you ask.