[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 3 November 2021

I’m frequently getting DC’d as I enter the next system after jumping through a gate.
Fortunately I’ve been in High-Sec for the last couple weeks, so I haven’t been killed by anyone.

Hope this is something that gets fixed real soon.

(If relevant, I’m using the Native Mac Client.)

downtime has always been apart of EVE… they’ve had two tests so far of removing downtime, but considering some gameplay elements like asteroids etc are tied to downtime, its a work in progress.

best thing to do, if you haven’t, comment in one of the Mac OS threads, probably the recent patch thread, maybe make a bug report and post the EBR so they can work on it.

Geo, this takes us back to my original post where you said I was whining. There is nothing wrong with rewarding subscribers with a little free SP for the FAILURE of IT to maintain zero downtime, regardless of the cause.

again, DT has always been apart of EVE, it has to be until they can figure out how to remove the elements tied to DT… no need to reward for something that has been apart of the game… DT used to be a helluvalotlonger than 15 min…


So, because of that, you think it is okay, to make the subscriber suffer, at their expense, because your IT department has failed, and not to recognize your own failures. That is bad business. Just because you have gotten away with it, does not make it okay, if you have any pride in yourself as a professional.

I understand that you say normalization of servers, internet issues and other things are creating problems for the staff. Welcome to the party. That never changes and challenges are the lifeblood of IT.

downtime again?..

again and again…

I wouldn’t argue with Geo about anything related to CCP’s performance. He’s one of those die-hard-try-hard fanboys that finds excuses for literally everything CCP screws up.

Regardless of demands for compensation, I would like to know why the server doesn’t perform as well as it did just a last week. These unexpectedly long and multi-startup DTs came out of nowhere and it would be interesting to know what happened. Yet, in good CCP tradition, 2 days in a row the server has issues and CCP says nothing about it, not even on the EVE_Status twitter. Correlation does not equal causation, but it is striking how many issues occur just after CCP talked about tech stuff and plans for TQ.


They literally sell SP now, so it does cost them something.

It’s SP you wouldn’t have bought…

–Gadget gets her SP the old-fashioned way - by sitting around

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When you paid for the service, DT was stipulated. You are the one carrying on as if you have lost something and entitled to more.

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Downtime is stipulated in every service provided as well as unexpected outages, maintenance etc. So What? As a professional IT, those are circumstances that should be avoided with a goal of zero down time. If on a routine basis you have extended outages, then it is the company;s responsibilty to correct the expectation of services issues over time. 10 or 15 years of waiting is not reasonable. and cheats others out of what they pay for. They will continue behaving as if it is the status quo, until they are called out for their inefficiencies. People tend to accept the unacceptable because they feel they are whining, espescially when you are told so. That is not the case and never should be. As an IT you should serve your clients and not look down on them. Zero downtime is attainable and should be expected by the subscriber. Failure to do so is a failure of the IT department related to the service, period.

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My time is too valuable to read your response.

Maturity and grace are in short supply in Eve and the RL. Show some and you will be a beacon in the night.


Hear, hear.

So if u think about what been going on the last few days, there has already been an extension of down time happing already. Think in term of money vs ability of service. So now as of this morning it was at least 23 min i think it was, and if you divide the 14.95 by 30 days = .49 cents per day to play, go further its .00034 per min of play. Then think of the down time, so for the last 2 days is been avg, 20 plus / minus min to downtime, and if this continues 1200 sec per day per downtime at .00034 per second = …408 a day and times 30 days a month its close to $12.24 per month (remember u can play 24 hours so I use this into it). To think of it in a monthly terms we are loosing money while u are down. I dont know if WOW has changed it times but when I was playing it was not down this long. Not sure what fee you are paying Msoft to use the sever software, but if the down time is going to last as long as it has been there should be some recop of lost time to play even if it in isk.

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you have no invested time, nor ownership of any assets.

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Wow DT is a good thing even if it’s a few minutes. WE live in a world where the cellphone OS now have modes to turn off everything because people are on them all the time. I live for the DT! It reminds me to get up from the chair get a drink and take a moment away from a screen, I love that opportunity. It’s not a bad thing to have to walk away from a screen for 5-20 minutes. YOU all should step away from the screen it’s not healthy!


Your heart is in the right place, and you should walk away for 5 or 20 minutes from a game every hour you play. It is not healthy otherwise. But any additional (IOS) interruption of service, for any company that provides an internet service, should be avoided at much as feasibly possible.
I feel very confident, that if you were to ask these IT professionals if there were any other alternative or method/process that could have been used to avoid these downtimes and they will admit there are, if they speak the truth.
Usually because of costs or other considerations, the easiest option for an IT admin is to just drop the whole system, fix it and reboot. Planning, coordination, expenses and expertise all serve to make an IT administrator take the easy path. A a professional, ethically, an IT should not seek the easy road but the road that best serves their client. Just because others do what is happening here, does not make it right. As close as possible to zero downtime, should always be the goal. Transitioning servers etc. can be done in the background so the consumer should never know the IT is there.

Why don’t you get hired by CCP and show them how it is done, then? Gone are the times where DT could take over 30 minutes regularly. CCP runs Eve on one server, most internet services and cellphone services have servers in more than one area. CCP used to provide SP if downtime took a substantially long time. If you don’t like it, then leave the game. If you think you are being cheated out of money, then don’t pay for Omega. Go play a game where downtime doesn’t exist.

I worked for an internet provider that had servers in numerous different states. Keep whining, or put your money where your mouth is and show CCP how it’s done. Not that hard. I remember when a DT lasting less than 10 minutes was unheard of.


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