Global patch with compensation omega time lost by ddos attack, or comp after ticket creation?

I saw a quote from the tech support ticket here. It said that global compensation would be made for all. In connection, of course, with DDoS attacks. Now I hear that only those who created tickets for technical support are compensated. Which of these is true?

Where did you hear that?

And about what they compensate for when creating the ticket (someone received 7 days of omega ALREADY) I heard yesterday in a Russian help chat. There was a GM, there were no comments.

You have reading comprehension issues I guess?

That quote specifically says they can’t guarantee that any compensation will be issued, that if it does it will be global and not be done on an individual account basis by the GMs.


This is clear. However, some people received compensation for the lost time. Do I need to do something to get it.

I would like to receive an official statement from the developers on this subject. The lost and paid time will be compensated. Or will not be. Although silence is also the answer of course.

Lost time or lost items? If so, what compensation? PLEX or injectors?

I really, really doubt that CCP compensated anything related to ability to enter game. They simply can’t fail and give free things to attacker and just encourage people for more disturbing actions just to get more free stuff.

It’s hard to not be able to play but everyone can write to GM to suspend omega time if that is concern. We must think more about future and health of the game. Not only lost pixels and income in those days.

It would be wise to compensate globally otherwise players that experienced this issue but read that the problem was knowed and being worked on, didn’t report it would be left aside .
That prevents an overflow of “useless” tickets wich would surely overwelm the support .

My two cents

I think that the time for this decision has already passed. Apparently the answer is no.

The time is about 5 days. Although really more. Scientific tasks on 35 pilots. Thinking about the game … So I’m thinking. Although I would rather not think. And so I think - why this month I was nervous for 2 weeks and did not play? True, for this I gave the Plex? I do not think that a fair compensation for the paid and unpaid time that we all lost will bring down the company’s budget. Although, if the developers consider this a force majeure, I would like to hear about it.

That is, it will not be. Thanks.

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Given they werent resolved as of yesterday, its a bit premature to have given compensation now, surely?

Also wierd to be talked about in cyrilic but ok

you should probably edit this out, posting CCP’s ticket responses is against TOS

Wait rather than compensating everyone with omega that want everyone to make a ticket…on every account? Are they stupid? I feel like the surge of tickets would ddos them.

Hi there,

i’m afraid, if CCP will compensate players because of the DDoS attacks, we just will get more DDoS attacks in the future… from players that wanna “create” more compensation. Do you really wanna have such situation? Because your life came to a full stop for few hours, or what?

Think about this.

Whats the point here? We were disconnected and had trouble to play a stable game for few hours at all… that is not the end of the world. If it is for you, because your life has no sense without Eve, then, to be honest, you may have other and more serious problems, than a DDoS attack, and you should look for professional help. This is just a game… one among many games… :wink:

It’s an ONLINE game, it can suffer from such attacks as every other online service. All of you know that. Accept it. If you can’t, just cut off your internet connection and you’ll be fine. No DDOS anymore. Did anyone of you read somewhere any official statement from CCP about 100% assured availability? :thinking:

If you buy a new car, and some idiot made a scratch on the shiny surface while on the parking lot, do you expect compensation from the car manufacturer? Because this is exactly what you asking for. You should go and find that idiot instead… :wink:

Just my 2 cents.

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Too bad this has happened before and they do give compensation, it is simply a fact from the past.

Wow. Are you high? You really think that would be… I don’t have the words. This is spectacularly dumb.


@Raes_Ongrard needs a lifetime ban for this post.

When? 16 years ago? last compensation I remember was when they destroyed chat software. Because they wasn’t able to start it after patch day.

There where many DDoS after that and no single compensation.

Considering how easy is ordering DDoS. It’s not dumb.

It really is.

Those official stress tools for your infrastructure have actually stated in their ToS that you can’t use their services to “stress” servers you don’t own but it’s easy to bypass (hide your true identity) or owners don’t make much troubles.

And I’m not even looking at dark net offers and prices of actual BotNets…