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Wow! These forums have really gone to crap since I quit playing. Not one “Can I have your stuff?” reply. You all are slacking!!

Hey OP, can I have your stuff? I just returned, and the DDoS attacks haven’t really affected me that bad, thankfully. So since this is clearly upsetting you and will likely be the straw, I’d really appreciate some of your stuff to help me get back into the swing of things.


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You’re not speaking for me because I’m an adult who can use logic and reasoning, not a crybaby special snowflake.

I understand that a DDOS is not CCP’s fault and that they can’t do much about it other than sit it out and close some ports. I also understand that it wasn’t CCP alone, it was pretty much the whole of the internet and many MANY other games that had the exact same problem. On top of that I realise that sometimes ■■■■ just happens and you have to deal with it™

IF CCP would somehow do something then I’d of course be very happy about it but if they don’t or it’s just some small token I’m also fine with it. So no Karen, you don’t get to speak to the manager.


And this is why you should be made to eat your own children.


Nope, you don’t.

Who would be interested in his stuff that stinks of his whiny attitude?


If you paid for your flight, but terrorists hijack the airport and is in a shootout with the cops, will you be shouting at the airport employees asking for compensation for your flight? Or would you wait until the situation is resolved, and then speak to them? Dont you think the airport employees would have their hands full, and that your whining would only hinder their efforts to get their employees out safely, and save lives?

CCP is under attack by a DDOS. It still hasnt fully resolved. Why cant you wait?

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Perhaps a solution to the problem does not exist. And I generally agree that claiming compensation is not entirely correct. The developers are not to blame for the actions of hooligans. Moreover, for some it is even a useful incentive. To do real life for example.

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