I won a RL Rifter at Eve Online's Twitch Channel :)

Today, the Rifter model I won at Eve Twitch arrived :heart_eyes:
Thanks again, CCP, for issuing this prize and assisting me when I wasn’t able to reach the manufacturer (presumably cause I had no access to the account on which it was ordered).

My thoughts on Integral Reality Labs’ product:

  • one of the protruding thingies is slightly bent. It’s made of flexible material, I can bend it into shape but it reverts to its bent shape.
  • the model rests on its standard, which is an advantage or a downside depending on how much you enjoy moving it about while making pew pew sounds.
  • to my great disappointment, no flamy glow emanates from below the hood - confirming my suspicion that Eve Online is far prettier than boring old non-virtual reality.

If you consider ordering from outside the US, keep in mind tariffs may apply.
I’m in Belgium and had to pay €41.44 in VAT and customs fees (for the privilege of waiting an extra 10 days so customs could check my parcel for herbs our government thinks are too tasty/inspiring for us, mere Belgian citizens).


Make sure to give it an anti rust treatment.


I brought one back from Fanfest and when I got home one of the guns had broken off, they were a bit fragile a few years ago.

Terribly sorry if I got people’s hopes up in vain, I didn’t realize these models aren’t available for purchase anymore. I just wanted to share my experience, to help out prospective buyers and CCP.

Too bad, I was considering buying a few other Eve ship models but thought it prudent to wait for this Rifter to arrive.

I did find a few “fan art” offerings on Etsy, including an Orthrus kit.

Might this be a consequence of the proliferation of 3D printers?
Are people supposed to print and paint their own henceforth?
Will CCP make print files available?

I found a site called gamemodels3d - it seems to be a Russian donation based print file sharing site.

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You get a rare like for that.

I lolled.

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