Plex4Good Ukraine Charity Auction - Custom Handmade Eve Ship Model

Hello fellow capsuleers,

For the last 6 years I have been hand making Eve Online ship models.

To raise money for Plex4Good Ukraine I am auctioning a custom, hand made ship model of the winning bidders choosing including having it painted with the ingame skin of their choosing. It will come with a stand for display (also hand made).

This is your chance to have a completely custom hand made and skinned ship model of your choice!

For examples of my previous work, please see below:


Each of these models represents about 150 hours of work, hand designing and modelling the vessels. They are made out of fully recycled materials - no parts are printed, 3D Printed, downloaded etc. They are made from paper and cardboard (and some wood).

I will be match funding the winning bid up to my ceiling of 50k PLEX. This means if the winning bid reaches 50k PLEX then we will collectively donate 100,000 PLEX.

Bidding is going to start at 10k PLEX. Bid increments of 1k Plex please.

Please post bids in this forum thread and include three ships of your choice that you would accept should you win the auction. I ask for three because some ships are too curvy for me to hand make i.e. Ishtar, and I want you to indicate which 3 you would most like so I can examine the ship model early to confirm whether or not I can physically create the model.

Shipping may need to be paid for by the reciever depending on their location globally. Exact date of delivery is determined by how long it takes for me to make your model for you!

Thank you for helping raise money for Ukraine and for sharing this wonderful space game with me :slight_smile:

Auction duration: Ends Midnight 20th March 2022 (Date changed to give winning bidder 48hrs to contract Plex directly to PLEX4GOOD and for CCP to confirm it/contract to be viewed.)


Hey that’s really amazing work!


I have a sneaky feeling this violates the “please don’t talk about politics” guideline

CCP made it political with this Plex for War event.

What a can of worms.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Oh, I missed the memo. Ok, carry on.

Oh damn that hurricane, alas i am too poor, but great work :slight_smile:


I hope it goes much higher but i’ll start the bidding at 10000 plex


Thank you!!

Welp, thats me out.
Heres hoping you get outbid.

i was gonna start lower but i noticed he wanted 10k starting bid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Due to the huge number of hours it takes to fabricate these from scratch 10k Plex was the minimum I would accept. I am sorry to those priced out - I could do a raffle alongside this one for people who wanted a chance for a lower entry fee?

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IMO the best reason to do a raffle is that the auction-style setup is likely to be taken by someone who was going to donate 100k+ plex anyway and doesn’t really encourage other people to donate. (Since CCP isn’t releasing rewards or doing their own auctions/raffles I’m pretty sure this is literally the only place high roller types can come to get a reward for their donation and they have no real reason not to.) Some people might be disappointed in that outcome.

also 100k plex. I’m assuming the slicer is too curvy?


If that’s a legitimate bid, #1 Thanks for pointing out this was a terrible idea. #2 Thanks for for the bid. Slicer I think I can make work. Please confirm if it’s a legitmate bid.

I might run a raffle alongside this actually to help encourage smaller bids.

The fact that people like the idea of having my models is great, and I was considering running a raffle anyway. I don’t like to be exclusive for rich folk (tho very much welcome huge donations of course).

get in touch with chribba maybe, people donate 10 plex or something to chribba for a ticket, at the end of it a winner is drawn, chribba releases the plex to the plex for good character

Or the entries could be completed contracts of the donations. No need for the middle man then.

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Posting to confirm the bid is real - I’ve mailed you ingame to talk about it as well.

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If the donation can be made before the bid then mine is 154.000 Plex and it would be a non-curved plane like the eagle, cane or manticore


I’m not planning on handling the Plex for this at all, my idea would be that it should be sent straight to The CCP Plex4Good character and the contract linked to me to confirm that it’s been accepted.

I didn’t set this up to be picky with the rules etc, it’s about maximising donations and offering a reward to whoever is willing to go highest with donations. So while yours was preemptive, in the interests of encouraging other people to try to outbid you, I will call that bid legitimate. Thank you!

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That’s what I’m hoping for too


Upping my bid to 400

ID link is <url=contract:30000142//180193051>PLEX x 400000 (Item Exchange) if anyccp are watching and need to confirm it’s accepted.

Sarum or Crown & Swords skins on that slicer would be baller