Willing to Auction Cross of the Sacred Throne Order

Proceeds will go to Plex for good. Please no troll bidding. I don’t have a current end point for the Auction, but will update once we get more information from ccp on when it will end.

To the best of my knowledge, there are only two of these in game, but as its not a ship I am not sure how to price it, so I will let you guys open up with bids.


Starting bid of 500 plex.

750 Plex

10k plex

10,001 plex

please respect the last market patch. You should only use the first 4 significant digets. Its also for charity, so you really shouldnt care about a few more PLEX.

Its also for charity, so you really shouldnt care about a few more PLEX.

WHO is a ■■■■-tier ‘charity’ I couldn’t care less for them.

15K PLEX for the museum

20k plex

I have no need for the item, but I will make a donation to match the winning bid - Double your donation!

Thanks for all the bids so far, still no word from ccp on when they plan to end plex for good so the end point for the auction is undecided.

No more bids? ; - )

Right, I think I will call the auction to a close, as we haven’t really gotten an idea of when this will end, on the 25th of this month.

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I’m still prepared to match the winning bid - just make sure to remind me when it closes. (you’ll still get the item, I’m just doubling your donation)

With all this goodness around, The Museum is offering 25K PLEX.

I assume you got some donations relating to this purchase?
i will stop bidding, as long as the museum has the highest bid. I dont have any personal use for this item either, tbh.

Actually no donations for this, but maybe PLEX will be priced lower when the auction ends!

Bids end soon!

Contract going up.
Edit: Per your request, moved location.

Got it, Thanks!