WTS Virtuoso for Plex for Good - SOLD

WTS Virtuoso, all proceeds going directly to Plex for Good. Happy to provide verification to CCP & buyer to this effect.

B/O 57k PLEX (~170B)
Starting Bid 40k PLEX

I will accept ISK payment if you don’t have the PLEX on hand, just bid in PLEX. ISK value based on Jita split value for PLEX at time of settlement.

Auction ends 48hrs before end of Plex for Good campaign, unless someone offers buyout before then. That means 11:59pm on the 20th.


40k plex bid to start you off

Thanks for the bid. I’ll also accept ISK payment, if the winning bid doesn’t have the PLEX they need on hand.

can do 50k

Thanks! Be very happy to settle for that if we don’t get any more bids.


great idea!

  1. Only sales of In-Game items for In-Game ISK are permitted in this forum.
  2. Threads started in this forum are for items that are For Sale, for in-game ISK only. Characters are explicitly excluded.

That’s extremely semantical. That rule is clearly not intended to prohibit selling items for plex; it is meant to distinguish this channel from the want to trade channel.

Bruh it’s a PLEX for good campaign, is this your personal account Mr Putin?

(Free bump ex d)

This guy would give an ambulance at an old age home a parking ticket.

Thanks for the discussion. Current bid is at 50k plex (~150B ISK).

The auction will end at 11:59pm on the 20th March (48 hrs before Plex for Good ends).

/edited from 24 to 48 hours before end of campaign to allow time to complete transaction.

Bump. Current bid is 50k plex, approximately 150B. Will accept whatever is the highest bid in approx 3 days when auction ends.


Bump, less than 48 hrs to go.

Was purchased for B/O price via in game offer. Thanks for your generosity!

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