Tournament Ships for Good (plex4good)

There will be a few tournament ships auctioned here with all proceeds going to plex4good. Once one is sold, the next one will be listed. All sales will be listed in this thread. Feel free to use a fresh alt if you wish to stay anonymous. First up will be a Mimir with a starting bid of 65,000 plex and a buyout of 80,000 plex.

Thanks and good luck!



very very cool man - big respect

very cool if you really will donate it :upside_down_face:

I’m pretty sure using charity auctions to scam people is against the EULA, so this would have to be legit. Not accusing here, just mentioning this for any bidders.

Also, in case anyone is wondering what the current fund is going towards, direct from the CCP site:
As a measure of practical support, CCP will be launching a new PLEX For Good program to contribute toward humanitarian relief efforts by raising money for those suffering in the conflict. CCP will match donations from the EVE community and our employees up to a total of $250,000. The campaign will be going live later this week and players can make a contribution by contracting their spare PLEX to the in-game character CCP PLEX for Good.


I did eve mail chribba asking if he’d be willing to run it. I have zero problem with that.

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Nice idea… ill start you off with 65k plex bid

I will be running this myself. All completed contracts will be posted here as a screenshot…

Will give the Mimir another 48 hours before closing…

The rest of the ships will be at a fixed price as follows…

Rabisu - 100k plex
Victor - 100k plex
Virtuoso - 60k plex
Tiamat - 100k plex
Hydra - 60k plex
Silver Magnate - 125k plex

As stated, 100% is going to plex4good for Ukraine.



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Happy to take the Hydra :slight_smile:

Kudos to you for pledging it to a good cause!

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First one completed! Many thanks to they buyer!

Will knock 5% off the remaining ships and the Mimir will be contracted tonight.

Edit: Mimir is contracted.

Will take 20k plex for my silvershore, all to be donated.

Accepted the Mimir.

ty for this great initiative and best of luck with your other ships!

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Another one that is much appreciated…

I’ll go ahead and take the Silver Magnate too!

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Couldn’t be happier to send some nice ships to a new home for a good cause!

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Thank you for running this sale!

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I just found this thread. I am not sure what Alex prices are atm but when you made the offer for the coat it was a bit under 60B. I would be happy to offer you 60B or if you set up the contract for plex I’ll try and hunt some down.

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