WTS Vanq in NPC station - proceeds to Plex for Good - SOLD

Hull only. Located in Podion. Perfect for hypernetting, but if you don’t want to net it, check my other thread for fitting/mods.

Edit: SOLD - thread closed

P4G EDIT: when this sells I’ll use the entirety of the funds raised from the sale to buy plex & donate it to Plex for Good. I’ll post screenshots when this is done to verify that I actually did it.

Edit: funraiser complete on 4/21

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250 cash on hand


280 bil

285b offered

there’s already a 290 offer but thanks i guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Mails replied to.

Thread back up - will probably make a sale in 1-2 days

Thread back up. Mails replied to

Thread up. CCP’s confirmed their commitment to removing trit from nullsec, and I’m confirming my commitment to charging a wild-ass price for this because the build cost could hit 500b by may.

The only sub-400b vanquisher left in Eve!

Now officially a Plex for Good Covid-19 fundraiser sale. take my buyout and get almost $3500 donated to charity! (Full verification available; I’ll buy the plex and post screenshots to prove I actually sent it to the P4G character. Also the $3.5K number is assuming ccp donates $15/500 plex. Really might only be $2K, I dunno tbh)

Thread up. Torn between donating your massive wallet to charity, versus buying a pointlessly expensive titan? Why not both?

Could hypernet it for 400 bil? Revenant on hypernet now for 160 bil, and it’s almost half done within 2 hours of listing it lol. I’d buy a few hypernet tickets if ya do 512 nodes.

Definitely on the cards. My main concern is that 400/3d is just wildly high for any hyper and I’m not sure how many people will buy a 900mil ticket. If I had a 2048-tickets option I’d already have done it :slight_smile:

E: Since CCP hasn’t put a limit on this P4G fundraiser I’m not in a rush to sell. When we find out when the fundraiser ends, if the vanq hasn’t found a buyer by then I can put it up on hyper.

I’d potentially do a 1/48 ticket myself, but I’d rather throw in like 3-4b. I’d be surpsied if it didn’t finish on a weekend. I’d start it friday morning. Your call. Hope ya do hypernet though, cause I’d like to win it for 4 bil :slight_smile:

If you do hypernet it, don’t do it on a weekday. If anyone else would participate please let Auran know so we can get it rolling!

Thread back up

Thread up. Got a solid 325 offer - will probably take it if nobody else steps in.

Since its for a good cause. Donating 20bil to reach intended price :slight_smile:

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