API verified eveboard:

Wallet: will be close to empty
Implants: Full HG slave and other expensive +5%'ers in head details available on eveboard
Kill rights: none
Location: Deklein (0.0) in station
+4 in Deklein (0.0)
+4 in Covryn
+5 in Kappas

Skill Highlights:

Amarr Titan 5
Amarr Carrier 5
Caldari Carrier 4
Caldari Dread 4
Cap rep 5
All armor comps 5
DD 5
Cap Energy turret 5
Fighters 5
Almost fully trained fleet support
Tons of other supporting skills at 5, browse the EVE-Board for a full rundown.

Starting price: 80b
B/O: Offer me a number I cant refuse
End date: 1st Feb

I won’t be reading ingame mails or PM’s so don’t bother contacting me except via this thread.

Questions are welcome however in thread.


96 bil

100 bil


TxivYawg at 96 bil Wins, please send Isk and details.

ill buy at 96 if you are willing @PsychoUK

97 if the deal falls through

Isk and account info sent

damn :joy:

doesn’t actually matter until the seller sends you the char, 97.2b offer to you @PsychoUK

Character transfered.

loser, cry more :joy:

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