3D printed model of the Astero - Yes I bought one!

So After playing Eve for 18 years I decided I needed a little memento of my playing time and loved the idea of a 3D printed model. I have some original artwork from way back as well but I thought what the hell… and 114 USD later I am the proud owner of a 3D printed Astero. I have to say its really pretty good but I have some constructive feedback. I have already submitted a feedback ticket but need to just air a few concerns. Call me picky but hey this is EvE !!! :slight_smile:

The good things

  1. The model is very well made and obviously accurate in size and proportion.
  2. The model arrived well packed and within the 4 to 6 weeks delivery time.
  3. I enjoy the model and it sits next to me as I play EvE online.

The not so good things

  1. The colours are muted slightly and different from the website picture and the contrast is not as defined as I would have expected. This maybe down to the printing but I am not sure. The overall body colour is a little grey rather than off white as in the website rendering.
  2. The arc structures around the mid body which is the critical feature of an Astero and are attached with neodymium magnets are a good idea but the right one was mis-aligned. This made the model un-symmetrical. I had to to re-align the magnet to get arc structures to be symmetrical. This meant using a sharp instrument on my brand new model (hey ho).
  3. The central steel support column mount should be chromed really and in my case the steel rod was actually slightly pitted with rust. I had to use metal polish to bring a shine to it.
  4. 114 USD is a lot to pay for somethings not to be 100%.

So this is my feedback which is intended to give a capsuleer version of the actual model received.



I would understand that for Minmatar models tho.


For easy chroming I recommend Molotov Liquid Chrome pens

They draw on a lovely shiny coat, the downside is it takes about a week to dry properly but on a display model you arent likely to touch they are ideal.


That’s not gonna melt the plastic at all? I would do a spot test and leave it for a few days before painting more that way.

No not at all.

I use it to retouch the chrome on plastic vintage Japanese chogokin toys all the time.

I think he was wanting to do the metal stem though, and its worked as well on metal as plastic for me.

I found out from a chap called Toy Palloi on You Tube who does vintage toy restoration, if you would like to see it in action.

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Well, the trouble with plastic is there are so many kinds. Vintage toys and printed items are most likely very different.

Considering the price of the item I would be cautious.

Always test first if you are unsure. Its good advice :slight_smile:

Polyurethane resin should be fine, though. Ive not found it damages anything from a wide variety of materials, but always best to err on the side of caution.

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Some of the 3D resin print models look amazing and would love a Tengu…

I have been tempted to 3D print some myself but my printer is FDM and not resin so I am not sure they will turn out as good. I may have to give it a try over the next couple of weeks.


I just want either a Heron or a Sac but Im not paying what they charge lol

Someone should print a lifesize Princess Aiko doll for the CCP executive suite.


How do you know they havent?

I have one, not lifesize and it has pin’s sticking into it :flushed:

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Post a photo of your Aiko voodoo doll.

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It’s not a voodoo doll just a pincushion for my dress making stuff

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