Ship models

I know there are a few ship models available via Mixed Dimensions, however these are expensive models for the average player, especially if collection is desired. There are also a lack of different ships available. I know players in our Corp would like a model of their favorite ship.

Have you considered teaming up with Metal Earth? Being able to build the ship is half the fun as collecting them!


Hi there I have the same question.

And having a company make a model(s) to put together would be great i would buy a few.

I have a 3D Printer a Makerbot Replicator dual head.

I have been working on some ships and stations to print.

I 3D printed the Venture, its about 9 inches long and looks really good, the bigger the print the better the details and the faster it prints actually…
I need to load up a few pics. ha ha need to take some pics then load them up.

I agree. However, players have been asking for this for a very long time yet CCP has strangely missed out on many millions of irl isk with their odd passing by an even half-hearted merchandising of things such as simple models. But…

Personally I would much rather see a robust merchandising effort outside a game by the game company and the resulting pile of money they could make than the pollution of excessive microtransactions inside a game.

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Have you seen the overpriced garbage they do sell?

Yeah, no thanks


Not to mention shipping cost. Because I will order an EvE mug from the US and pay $ 30 + to get it shipped to Europe. CCP are commercial idiots.


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