3D Printing of ships

Why are CCP not making any 3D models anymore…

I would defiantly purchase some if they were! They don’t have to be expensive!

Loads of people in the game are now doing this cheaply why are CCP not doing this???

I am in the UK and would love to see some new models!

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Unsure. They were really cool. Luckily I at least have an Apoc. Although I would have loved the old Mega model.

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That’s a weird thing to say.


Yeah, CCP. Don’t you want more of my money? I NEED OFFICIAL SHIP MODELS.

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ok lol buy some :slight_smile:

I don’t know if CCP has anyone with the time or expertise to make 3D-printable ship models, but if they can set up something like Tennogen where artists submit models that CCP can sell and give the creator a cut of the profits, then that would be great!

Edit: I also support the same thing for SKINs.


And perhaps stubbornly place them on my mantlepiece.

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Then obstinately take some pictures to upload.

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People who own a 3D printer are not making their models “cheaply” lol. The better the final result, the more expensive it would be, if sold.

Plastic model kits, which are inexpensive when mass produced, have high up-front costs in the injection molds required to make them. While we have thousands of eve players, maybe only hundreds would buy a model kit, or any type of ship, assembled or not. CCP’s high quality and expensive battleship models took years to sell out.

A co-marketing deal with a 3D print company is the way most game makers are doing it these days, it would be the best way to give access to the entire spaceship catalog that players want. But it doesn’t usually turn out “cheap” unless you would be satisfied by something small enough to fit on a postage stamp.

CCP has never managed to set up a good merchandise selling operation. Despite many years of players asking begging to send them good money for ship models, t-shirts, caps, car magnets, key chains, etc. It seems that they’re pretty stubborn about not being about to get into the merchandising biz. https://crossingzebras.com/this-is-why-we-cant-have-nice-things/

Is there any merch being sold currently? I still miss the original store. The replacement store was just super overpriced hoodies and stuff IIRC.

NVM I found it.

I’d love to have a scale line of Amarr and Caldari ships (sans the Titans, tho, cuz you’d need your entire front yard for it).

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I just went looking for 3D models of EvE ships and found them on CGTrader and Thingiverse. They don’t look very detailed, but I would appreciate it if anyone with experience could tell us how they rate in terms of model quality. Anything that CCP puts out needs to be better than the free ones if they want to sell enough to be profitable.

Hell, if anyone has a high-quality model that they wouldn’t mind sending to CCP as a proof-of-concept that this could work, maybe they should mail it to them? There have been some pretty amazing models created for the game, like the ones made by j44shipyards and bursickas.

Hell, looking at the latter makes me wonder how they could be fit into Star Wars: Armada as options for a crossover fleet battle! :grin:

That depends on the scales the makers choose to work with. Model kits for the new Space Battleship Yamato anime(s) use both 1/1000 and 1/500 scales for the ships themselves and 1/72 for the strike craft. (You can find them here)

Considering their size, I think titan models would have to use a smaller scale than the rest of the ships in order to to prevent costs for the producers and the buyers becoming utterly prohibitive, to say nothing of the amount of space required to house them.

Then we have the actual ship sizes themselves to deal with because apparently there was a “great resizing” back in 2014 or so that made frigates like the Rifter go from “747”–>“naval destroyer” in terms of size.

Not to mention how supercarriers are supposed to be supercapital ships like titans but are - relatively speaking - only slightly bigger than standard carriers.

…why did CCP stop calling them motherships, anyway?

Me too WTB EVE model ships. 3D printed, model kits, Lego, origami…


Think about it, playing with 3d printed models of your favorite ships in your own room might be more enjoyable than playing the game.

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What I mean is like. If a 3D printer Punisher was 4 inches (long axis), then a 3D printed Armageddon should be like 5.5 feet long.


That will probably require no less than five different scales! One each for small, medium, large, capital, and supercapital ships!

Because as you say people with 3D printers can make them cheaply and with as much detail as they want.

If CCP were to market these models themselves on a massive scale they would have to be made with as little detail as possible and out of the cheapest possible cost materials to cover the investment of mass productions of units until profits from scales cover that investment as opposed to one person with a 3D printer printing out exactly the models they want in any size or level of detail they are capable of producing themselves.

Why would they waste the money to do that in the only way they can afford to compete with literally anyone else who can do better themselves and for cheaper assuming they or a friend owns a 3D printer, or works somewhere or a campus that has one available for use.

Why don’t they make them in multiple sizes and with more detail and options then? Well because again that is just increasing their overhead before they even begin from the bottom line and then there will be people who make them in detachable sections with internal workings and everything and then CCP will have to compete with that and again, it is just more costs to compete with what an individual can outdo themselves any day with the ability to.

Then you have to take into account competing with knockoff markets so even if they make them better and more expensive/profitable there will always be more room for a black market to produce these things and sell them illegally.

If anything, the only thing CCP should be concerned about is controlling IP preventing people from creating these 3D models themselves without paying for it.

EDIT: then CCP can make a profit from people who can invest, produce and sell it themselves with the proper copyrights without having to go into mass production themselves to put them to market and just profit by the royalties for people who will get into that business themselves.

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