3D Printing

I’m trying to gauge who would be interested in 3D printed ships if you are please send me a message.

Like on what scale? :smiley: , 1:1 or 1:1200??


Yeah me too wanna know.

You might want to check into copyright & IP issues before you go any further.

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First step for you would be to ask CCP for permission. I suspect there will be some sort of financial gain for you, by doing this? Not only is a 3D printing machine very expensive for the common consumer but it also requires a lot of finesse and know how to operate it properly. Not to mention that the materials is also somewhat expensive.

This is what we want!!

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You make bigger models, maybe even made with multiple parts? In what technology you print? Machine?

You paint too?

Look at what people make:

You are able to make at least models in comparable quality?

Giv Damnation! :sunglasses::rocket::dizzy::boom:

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I would be interested…interested in seeing how long it takes for you to get sued by ccp for far more than you made selling their intellectual property before getting the cease and desist order.

Unless maybe you represent a company that is going to secure the necessary contracts before proceeding? In that case I hope you will forgive me for wondering why make a forum post rather than using more legitimate market data and research.

Maybe hilmar has finally realized about 14 years late that ccp has been sitting on a merchandising goldmine just letting a lot of money go poof like titan wrecks left in space. Perhaps the financial goals PA has set for ccp sellers to get that 200 million bonus has motivated good ol’ hilmar to explore things other than overpriced virtual goods?

If you’re legit, OP, then gl! If not, enjoy your lawsuit.

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