Question about RMT and trading

Hi there,

First of all, I read the EULA and I found it somewhat vague. I’m reaching out here to get some help understanding it. I did a few models (see references below) for myself, and I believe I’m not breaking any rules in doing so.

Here’s where things get tricky: I have a friend who really wants me to make a ship for him.
I have to spend money myself to pay for the plastic used by the 3D printers. How much can my friend pay me?

  • Whatever he wants?
  • The exact plastic costs so I don’t profit from selling CCP IP?
  • Nothing, as I would be literally selling CCP’s property?
  • Not allowed to pay real money for it, so he must used in-game currency?
  • But would doing that breach the RMT part of the EULA?
  • Is he even allowed to get a ship he did not make himself?

Any opinions/facts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
I fully expect comments like “If you wanted to do it, then keep it between yourselves why are you posting this here lol”. I wanted to do this anyway because I care about the rules.

First model:
Third model:
Model in question today:

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As a general rule, if you have to ask, then it’s probably not a good idea…

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But if I ask and get a clear “Go for it” then everything’s good.
Sure it can backfire, but until then I still think asking to know more about it is the way to go.

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you want to sell models of ccp’s ships . better to ask first , which you’d do in a petition , not a forum post .
nicely done btw ; the paint job on the raven is killer …


I’m just one guy and one printer, I’m not talking about making a store or anything, so I’m not sure something of that scale is needed. But if it is, thanks for letting me know. This post is about getting more info on what to do anyway. Also thanks for the compliment.

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This isn’t really RMT as that involves selling assets in game for real money outside of it. In this case, you are selling something outside of the game for money outside of the game, so that’s not really an issue as I can see it.

That said, as other’s have mentioned you have a different issue- you will be using protected IP from CCP (the ship design) for commercial gain. Having a store or not doesn’t matter, you will be making money off of somebody else’s intellectual property. This is a pretty classic copyright issue and would be a legal no-no without a waiver or intellectual property license from CCP.

But…dude, those are seriously cool and impressive. I would definitely reach out to CCP through petition to see if they would be willing to work out a license or some other kind of agreement for you. I’m sure lots of people would be interested in those :slight_smile:


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