Real Money Trading

So lately I’ve seen a lot of people talking about RMT and what they believe is RMT having to do with streamers accepting donations as they are playing eve. I’m unsure if the EVE player base has no idea what RMT really is or if EVE it self has weird rules in place. I’ve read through the TOS and it seems like people have no idea what it is and they have made up their own definition. So example A) I’m a streamer I have a donation bar on the bottom of my stream and it says $60 goal for high grade crystal set. This is NOT RMT if the streamer is buying plex and selling the plex for ISK to buy the items it does not violate TOS.
Example B) I am a streamer I that offers to give donators ships in game based on the amount they donate, this IS RMT. If I am offering goods or services in game for a direct payment it is against TOS. If I am buying plex or anything else through CPP regardless if the money came from other players or not, I am not RMT. CPP wants you to buy plex and other things from them, RMT is a rule that is put in place to stop people from going around the in game plex service.
Please feel free to discuss, though if you believe example A is against the TOS you really need to reread the TOS.

If you want an official answer, make a support ticket and ask the GM’s.

No point in discussing it ourselves.

Thats like saying “Is rape legal? Lets discuss”. Its a case by case basis that is determined by the GMs in charge, and therefore must be clarified by a GM.

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