Now would be a good time to see if Pearls would do what CCP has mostly ignored

Provide us with the ability to buy models of our favorite ships, I for one want a collection of industrial ships, including frieghters.

My biggest wants;

  1. Rorqual / Orca
  2. Mining barges
  3. Bowhead.
  4. Fenrir
  5. Charon
  6. Noctis

What are your wants?


i wanna cosplay as a naglfar


naglfar night light, I’d be nice looking.

I want my hard earned dollars to not be going to South Korea.
It was fun while it lasted.


Better than DPRK, we might get no dong from them.

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There is almost nothing you own, eat or train for in which your money has not gone offshore.

Or is it only South Korea that you are moaning about.

I’m not sure what’s worse. Ignorance or bigotry/racism. Probably the latter as it’s a choice where as being stupid or ignorant is a birth defect.


At least I can still vote with my wallet.


Awe shucks it’s not all bad

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It is my opinion that you never know really where your dollars are being used BUT if you leave, you will affect CCP revenue NOT PA.
in my opinion

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I am jumping for joy that someone bought it.
I am only sad to hear they are keeping the same staff.

wait if some guy had a big staff and used it to smack the support folks around might be a good thing.
And some form to contact someone about how they act would be a good thing.
The list of issues with them is longer then the support line.
I won’t even get into it but just as one very small tiny pointless example 3 weeks to get a reply (a dumb reply) over connection issue is just just …………………………ARGH


It is only so because you have nothing useful to add, general discussion can and does go in more then one direction, if nothing is offered by the audience in the post this is not the fault of the author, and a question/observation is left unanswered you have only yourself to blame for not expanding.

Send me your stuff, I will keep it safe from the “Koreans” in a high sec station! Send it fast!


And the masses were heard to say, “AMEN!”.

What so you were OK with it going to a westernized mostly white Iceland but not OK going to Korea? You do realise there is a difference between north and south. One loves the same stuff we do like cars, beer, computers and life and the other is a dictatorship with next to no development. Just so you know South Koreans are just like you and I.


How much would you pay per model?

How many would you buy?

Different nations/nationalities have different cultures and values.
You know, otherwise known as “diversity”.

Even on an individual level, you and I are about as “the same” as two snowflakes, ie:We are both snowflakes made of water, but thats the end of sameness.


How about the ability to buy a skill remap?

If you mean character stat remaps, they are trivial.

Well that all depends on size, quality, etc, but I could hope they make is more less like the plastic models you can find in stores that you paint and assemble because this gives you an opportunity to be creative when deciding what paint and lighting you could use.
Looks good in my den.

“Depends” answers…
Thats not very good to indicate market.

I think “assembly and painting required” models are a very small niche, of a small niche.

You do realize you can re-paint an already assembled/painted model, right?
Or had that not occured to you?

You could theoretically create models yourself by 3D-printing.
I just passed through my local library today, and found out you can print there for free.