Now would be a good time to see if Pearls would do what CCP has mostly ignored

That is a fancy library, at my local library we only have books and magazine…town too small I suppose, city slicker!

That’s a great idea ! An Orca model kit would be really interesting if the final quality is interesting, but what I want the most as a model would be a Skiff, the compact form of that Exhumer is beautiful !

The kind of materials available make lighting up models much more easier, back in the day it was stuff you had to dig up and visit radio shack, now they have strip LED lights that can change colors.

Yeah, blew my mind too.
They also do T-shirt printing for free if you bring your own shirt.
They also lend boardgames. Place has pretty much everything you wouldnt even imagine a library has.

But returning to the point of EVE Ship models, remember that its cheaper, and has more market, to make them whole rather than requiring assembly, and also that even a pre-painted one can be stripped and re-painted by you, whereas most buyers dont have any interest in painting a model, let alone assembling one.

I can see that, I do like taking apart stuff, at the moment I am working on turning a small portable pocket radio into an EMI finder, the hard part is to design an antenna that is directional and sensitive enough to detect from at least 20 feet away, maybe a gain switch might help there.

Cutting apart a whole model and hollowing it out for your purposes is not a big deal.
And the paint is easy to strip off, lightly spray primer over it, and re-paint as you wish.

Id love some models to assemble as I did with fighter planes, bombers, and a V8 engine as a child.

I would have to argue that models requiring assembly would be cheaper to produce as the are in a plastic snap apart frame all poured/injected in the same mould cutting a large labor factor out at the factory. Different color parts of different color materials. But you could argue the level of detail in the manufacturing process. I did enjoy applying the decals a lot as well. It would greatly please me to plant a large Gallente decal on the side of a Cerberus and Vindicator.

Snap-fit models in two or more colours that assemble without glue or paint are cheap to make and very common where the new overlords come from.

I think the GW Battlefleet Gothic models dont require assembly.
Not sure if GW moved from tin to plastic with them.

I have a cool set of Micromachines Star Wars ships, such as Corellian Corvette, Star Destroyer and TIE-Fighter. Love em.

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You made me discover something interesting, thanks mate !

What did you discover?

Star Wars Micromachine set

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They are awesome. Small enough they dont clutter your desk, have their own stand, and pretty good level of detail and paintjob.

Id buy sets of EVE ships in that format in a heartbeat

Especially a Minmatar set.
They are of somekind of semi-flexible plastic, or stabilised latex. Dunno.

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i cant think on anything more important to EVE than shipmodels to collect dust



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Assembly can be done in third world countries

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CCP could issue the data to 3D print EVE ship models, at say a rate of one per month.

Market them as “BPCs”, and charge perhaps 5-10euros per.

People will be able to pirate/copy the “BPC”, but perhaps enough people will buy them from CCP to atleast break even for paying someone to create the models for 3D printing.

CCP would still own rights to the IP, so some dickhead cant start mass-producing them and selling them.

Typically people that can afford a 3D printer wont even flinch at a 5-10euro cost for the blueprint from CCP as the source.

As a marketing/promotion opportunity, game media will love CCP issuing IRL “BPCs” for a players personal use to literally build their own ship models, IRL.

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Sounds good, but it does promote AFK Printing.


A lot of discussion has been going on about “What PA will do for/with CCP”.

The announcement clearly states that CCP will continue to operate independently, which means little to no change.

Other buyouts/mergers, unless clearly stating they are changing/increasing/adding to the development team, pretty much result in the situation where the buyer says “We own you now, we expect these numbers to be met each quarter, go do it. If you run into a slump, or we run into a slump, expect layoffs and cost cutting.”

Essentially, the same as things are now, with a bit more emphasis on monetization, is the usual course. If you are expecting big, or fundamental, or even noticeable changes… prepare to be disappointed.

For now, until y revenue is to agreed terms, over x duration, to fulfill conditions of a bonus.

Either way, after that, bonus is either paid or not, and incentive to develop CCP drops.

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