Now would be a good time to see if Pearls would do what CCP has mostly ignored

Said every announcement of this type…ever.

You don’t buy a niche product if you don’t have a plan to “mainstream” it. You think the few people still playing this game are going to cover the purchase plus running costs?

You people need to take off the blinders. Wishful thinking does not change anything. Catering to a market does. And a few sociopathic griefers are not that market. Loot box loving easy mode players are who will be tapped for profit as soon as the dust dies down.

Bookmark this post and come back to it in a year and see how accurate I am in my prediction.


And you are believing in tooth fairies too ?


Honestly, PA would be stupid to start imposing monetizations. CCP knows their customers. They know we expect a certain level of service, and more importantly, a certain level of accountability.

They know, and they’ll advise PA very quickly, that they’ll lose their playerbase if they do what PA does to BDO.

I full expect that PA will slowly try to boil the frog. And when I start seeing the slightest thing that looks like them trying to slip their dick in my butt ever so quietly, I’m out.

But, given the AMA, given what has been said, I’ve already renewed my subs. They offered me enough assurance to believe that in the coming months, I will be able to play Eve the way CCP intended it.


Seriously? You think game companies are smart? I suggest you go look at the history of game companies selling out when their game isn’t going well. EA was famous for killing games they bought, yet they are still in business…

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I can think of a few things that are horrible to implement from a game concept, lore or history point of view but would sell like hotcakes.

  • name change for plex (includes corp history wipe)
  • sex change for plex
  • race&bloodline change for plex
  • AT ship for plex (get your own Utu for the low price of 10.000 plex, and a State Raven for just 25k plex!).

As stated, I don’t WANT this to happen but you can be sure it’ll be implemented.

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PLEX sterilization with ISK created from “nowhere”

Before you “jump for joy” you might want to look at what black desert players have to say about their support communication and then consider how likely it is pearl abyss would pressure/change things in that area with EvE.

Ive one account still training. Ive several that just ran out. Im going to hold off for a bit until I have more information before I re-up. I like to be an informed consumer but I havent been able to equate marking deals like this to mechanical constructs which my brain can understand more easily.

Yes, check out the 'roid mining aquarium this guy set up with 3D printed models. EVE Online Aquarium

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Derp…missed the word “models”. Injecting reading skill now. :stuck_out_tongue:

You did a good job making your character (oops…maybe I should start saying “toon” now…) look like you irl. “waifu”, eh? Well, good to see players embracing what will be eve culture coming up. When in Rome, put on cat ears.


Don’t forget EA is in the business of making money. Not keeping games alive. Go have a look at their stock ticker. Just a few months ago their stock price was at a 5 year high. So… don’t conflate a game’s longevity with profitability.

That said, look at the metrics of this deal. $425m is a LOT of money. CCP is of course private so we can only guess on their revenues, but honestly, I’d be surprised if they’ll be able to make that back in even 10 years.

If they kill the game, they lose money. And businesses are in the business of making money, not losing it.

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What ccp has ignored the most is boob physics

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Its Husbando. Waifus and husbandos.



Im so glad I didnt watch it.


Ill make my own waifu…

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Its for the best.

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