NES needs content

These nes store options are a joke. This is what I want to see in the next 12 months, dont make me quit again.

  1. Player created skins sold on nes. % goes to players or charity.
  2. Overview layouts. Icon packs and colored options. Gui options.
  3. Ship sound packs. Warp, music, etc…
  4. Station skins. Player made. I have no faith in ccps art team.
  5. Avatar animations.
  6. Name change. Ever since character transfers were a thing keeping the same name has 0 purpose.
  7. Avatar background packs.
  8. Avatar props. Cigaro, cat ears, bottle of tears.

Nothing but terrible troll threads. One after another.

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Having more detailed Overview packs available is a pretty good idea, especially since the default Overview setting lacks the proper info required for optimal game play.

Not sure about having player created skins for ships and structures. I’m pretty sure skins are one of the top money makers for CCP.

Due to all the issues with sounds, I don’t really trust CCP to make good sound packs.

As for Avatars, I think CCP should cycle the various Apparel items in their database through the NES every 3 months or so, that way players can acquire items that aren’t readily available.

thats why there is a overview channel with lists of current or more suitable overviews that is shared quite often in rookie chat, so all the new players are not stuck with the default overview.


Good to hear there’s a chat channel with various Overviews available but it’s not supported by CCP.

Also this is the first time that I’ve heard about it so it’s definitely not common knowledge.

Sadly, or happily, that’s pretty much with everything EVE. Be it what Chribba has done for EVE, the wiki and everything else: it’s just better if us players do it as we’ll do it better and it gets updated and iterated on, something we just can’t trust CCP to do. Besides that, CCP wouldn’t know what an Overview would require if their life depended on it.

Also given that there’s many different play styles that all kinda have their own requirements it just wouldn’t work. The channel linked in Rookie has quite an eclectic listing of overviews for all kinds of uses, not just the obvious fleet/null ones.

What about colored station icons. Depicting top 3 services available. Coloered planets Depicting type of planet. Coloered npc with difficulty, since diamond frigs are not the same as belt frigs.

Colored players ships, with corresponding tech level for the hull. A cruiser is a cruiser to a new player. Takes a long time to know the differences.

Structures and objects dont have tags or velocity so those columns can go away. This can allow the overview to be more abstract. Where ships and stuff on grid are in the 1st tier. 2nd tier canted off to the right are other things.

You can do alot with it. Dont dismiss it

I have more faith in CCP’s art team than in your posting capabilities.

Edit: That may come across wrong. CCP’s art team is doing a great job after all, which may suggest your posts aren’t all that bad.



Weebs of EvE (WoE)


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It would be a step in the right direction, but I’d still want the genuine fuzzy ones.

CCP refusing to take beacoup munny for cat ears can’t be ruled an oversight at this point. It’s likely a conscious marketing decision to try to cater to a specific type of age demographic over others, e.g. targeting the 56-year-old who plays EVE to “relax” between the 9-5 at the insurance firm or installing air conditioners or whatever, and the wife’n’kids at home, i.e. the “serious business” players who make EVE look like a “grown-up’s entertainment” what with the “mining ledgers” and the “market trends” and the “fleet doctrines.”

It’s okay, I guess. I’ll take my smooth skin and my Bitcoin money to PUBG, where I can buy anime girl decals for my guns. Not that I’m quitting EVE or anything like that of course—the “serious business” geriatrics here die really well.

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I agree.

The Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt combo just isn’t enough.

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