Directly applied SKINs

I can’t be the only one who is bothered by this:

Why are the event SKINs not sellable?

Those who do the sites and don’t like the SKINs can’t sell them. Those who don’t do the sites (for whatever reason) can’t buy them. Why do we even have a Market then?

I won’t even go into the redeemable ones, particularly because they are 30 days limited anyways…


Because CCP wants to make more money from you. If you could sell event skins, you wouldn’t buy skins from the NES instead to make ISK.

hmph, first of all the GAwd Damn skins would have to be in the NES for your comment to be applicable.


No, they would not have to be. Read and comprehend my text properly and you will hopefully understand what I wrote. If not, then you are the perfect CCP customer.

Boring skins for ships I don’t even fly. And I can’t sell them. Yeah. Seems a bit daft. Its like getting coal for Christmas from your father who declares it was the neatest shaped coal in the pile.

Smells like EVE.


Lets break this down…shall wee?

If you could sell event skins…you would not buy skins (event skins??) from the NES to make ISK.

Event skins are not in the damn NES, I think I comprehended fairly well, since the OP is going on about EVENT skins, and you mentioned event skins…so uhm yeah ok whatever idiot.

You make a good case.

It makes sense to lock the free login skins to the account to prevent skill farmers and multiboxers from benefitting more, but the ones earned through player activity should be sellable. That would make them desirable to collectors who want to use them, and players who want to trade them.


Same with the skill training accelerators. Selling those is usually the best isk to be made from events.

Why CCP?

No, I never said event skins and never meant event skins in the second part of the sentence. The entire point of the sentence is that you have to buy skins from the NES if you want to make ISK with them. If you could sell all kinds of event skins, you wouldn’t do that and CCP’d make less money. Check your comprehension subroutines again, they are faulty. And let a doc check your vocab subs, too, because you clearly use too much vulgar language for your sordid level.

Cerebral accelerators for this event have market entries. I don’t even know what skins are dropping from the event, so I can’t check. What I do know is that CCP has forgotten to make event loot sellable before, and then fixed it after it was brought to their attention (in fact, it happened the last event). I would at CCP Dopamine in the known issues and/or feedback threads asking for the skins to be added to the market.

Also, can someone tell me which skins are dropping? I’d love to buy some, and would like to keep an eye out for them.

Also, what Black Pedro said.

you did mention the event skins, and since that is what the OP seemingly was focused on…

you are either simply trying to derail or hijack the thread, got it.

I answered his question. :slight_smile: If you don’t understand the answer, it’s your problem not mine.

and so did I,

SImply put the event skins are not in the NES, so you can not buy them at all.

But im done with you since you are such a child.

This kinda bugs me too. There’s one event skin I would gladly throw my space bucks away for, but alas, it’s not to be.

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