Wreathe Nefanter Skin Not transferable

Ok ill ask. Some of us won’t be able to collect it which means you would be able to buy it later…except…WAIT NO…it won’t be on the market because CCP wants it applied directly to the characters SKiN collection. Why? Why screw people, who want to sell it later and or buy it later?

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You get something for free as a gift and you complain about it. Classic.


cant read huh. OK ill spell it out. It’s great that we are getting it for free. That ISNT THE PROBLEM. The Problem is: the skin wont be added to the in game economy. IT CANT BE TRADED. i know, i know, figuring that out was difficult for you. limited time skins cant be traded, whatever, but this is a permanent skin.

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Please go away

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fixed your post

I do want it and i want to buy it. but you are all idiots and im not talking to you retards anymore.


@Sebat_Hadah I know exactly what you meant. I just wanted to point out that you’re an self-entitled arrogant brat.

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