I did get the skin but

It’s a Caldari skin. I don’t fly Caldari stuff, i’m Minmatar. The other thing is a booster right? I don’t use those at all.

So the whole thing is wasted on me? How is this supposed to work for me?

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If you want to take that attitude, then yeah, it’s all “wasted”.

Personally, I think limiting yourself to just one faction of ships is pretty dumb. CCP creates these events for the playerbase at large. If you’re going to take the attitude that the event is “wasted” on you just because you are setting your own limits on what you can/can’t fly, that’s your problem.

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So sell them. Skins and boosters sell for a pretty decent price.

You can’t sell the skins this time. They are being injected directly into your toon’s skin list instead of being awarded as an item in your inventory.

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Free skins dont sell for much anyway.

Ok, thanks

…and why is the gift skin not an item but rather hardcoded to the toon you redeem it on?

Sub’s must be down…

Edit; Next month it will be something else. :roll_eyes:

I’m not sure if you looked at the next days, but one SKIN is coming for all the four main races logi cruisers.

You will have the Minmatar one by the end of the event.

I don’t fly logi.


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