Frontier Safeguard SKINs

So thanks to the Capsuleer Generosity event or whatever it was called, my character now has four Frontier Safeguard SKINs for ships he’s not trained to fly and likely never will.

What was the point of having those SKINs applied directly to the pilot, rather than putting them in the item hangar like normal?

Not really complaining. Just curious, because it seems pointless – and in my case, useless.


Agree 100%

I think CCP is trying to limit the various ways that players generate ISK.


In that case, you know what would be cool? If at the time of redemption, the game randomly selected a ship you are skilled enough to fly and gave you a SKIN for that ship. At least then the SKIN would be usable.

That assumes it’s not a ton of work to create a SKIN for a given ship.


Yep I totally agree with this. As do a lot of corp mates. I also don’t understand what the point of the 7 day skins that auto apply and the drugs that auto apply. It does seem like they are trying to limit the way people make isk. However, the markets get flooded with the skins and items etc so you don’t make that much anyway.

I certainly won’t be resubbing my accounts until CCP look at what and the way they are doing things.

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