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Been playing Eve since 1/2008. Back then the game realized that players are all different in the type of game they want to play and Eve made it possible to play most styles. In RL, I am a retired business owner, with an MBA. The commercial aspects of the game appealed to me and with a 9 account base, created an industrial unit. I mine, refine, build and market. Have zero interest in PVP operations. But this is what Eve has become, just another PVP game. It used to take time and effort to develop a character, you even had to train the skills you needed just to train skills. Today, in spite of all their talk about Real Money trading corrupting the game, Eve does it themselves. A brand new player with deep pockets can buy all the Isk and SP he wants and buy his way into what some of us spent years building.

So I will move on. I will keep a free account or 2 and play around with a Venture doing some spot mining just to keep an eye on the game. But it is no longer my primary, I will look around and find the type of game I wish to play.


Somebody still needs to create ISK with which to trade for PLEX anyway. You dont magically spawn ISK after buying PLEX with RL money.

Being an Alpha industrialist is an enjoyable challenge. I only plex my main when I want to do something specific. I decided to drop to alpha when I wasn’t playing regularly enough to get value out of the sub, in some ways I’ve found a better game.

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I will be curious to know what you end up focusing on, game wise.

I dont understand why people who buy PLEX for real money ruin your game. Any evidence? My guess is most of people who buy PLEX for real money spending it on spaceships to blow up in pvp. And you are a spaceship builder, so it’s just good for you to have buyers for your stuff you made with industry.

I take it you will no longer be needing your stuff…?

I don’t believe you. Most likely you’re a fraudster.
Back then no one ever talked about “styles of gameplay” like you do.

EVE has always been a PvP game. In fact the only of its kind.
This further supports my suspicion that you’re just a fraudster.

Ever since the introduction of PLEX the game has been like this.
Again, more fuel to the suspicion.

Same as above.

I guess it boils down to either plain old envy …
… or that escapists hate this one little trick of making quick and easy money.

Can I have your stuff?

If not I then assume you sucked anyway and had nothing of value hence lying about running 9 accounts.

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