Possible idea for live event

So I was thinking about drifters, and it occurred to me that there is some untapped potential for extremely fun live events involving drifters.
Picture this: A small fleet of drifter battleships fly around hisec destroying (or at least firing upon) all the ships they encounter. One of the drifter ships, piloted by a ccp staff, has a special doomsday that does twice the damage as the normal drifter dd and is a guaranteed drop as an item if the ship is destroyed.
Capsuleers would be notified of this fact and many would form up, attempting to outmatch the fleet, and hoping to be the one to claim the weapon.
It would function like the drifter dd except it would automatically fire on the highest dps aggressor when your ship’s shield fails.
The weapon would be untrashable, unreproccessable, and only one of it would exist in game. It would never despawn from space and always drops when the ship holding it is destroyed. Naturally this is something people would seek to have as it instantly improves the effectivess of the battleship or capital ship it is equipped to.
Just an idea, thoughts?


Having this Drifter fleet firing on all ships they encounter should be changed to just firing on ships that engage them.

Currently in Empire space Drifter ships only fire upon Capsuleer ships after being attacked. I think that game mechanic should stay the same. Definitely don’t need to have players be destroyed while traveling to their next destination by a roving Event fleet , especially if those players don’t want to be involved with the event in the first place.


What DMC said.

A free-fire event fleet in Null might be reasonable and feasible so long as they showed up on D-scan and came with something like a 5-system wide travel advisory so no one should actually be ‘surprised’ by them.

In High Sec though? Nope!


So you want a totally overpowered doomsday device? Ok.
Capsuleers team up and eh… someone gets the device that is 100% dropped.
I think the server will crash on the following grabfest as anyone grabbing the device becomes a pinata… imagine the fleets of thousands capsuleers flying in over and over to grab that device…

The idea is nice but doesn’t work for eve online.

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Make the ship undockable while equipped or in cargo hold. It can only be mounted via mobile depot. Otherwise it just becomes a multi-billion isk shiny that never sees the light of day.

I would also tie the event and weapon to lowsec. We wouldn’t want to interrupt high and null farming now would we. :shipitparrot:

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