Player Event Idea

So this isnt really a Good idea but its a idea none the less. If there was a event, where a Admin or Owner Tped everyone to one place, IN NULL SEC, WHAT THE HELL WOULD GO DOWN, and if so, would there be pvp lmao, itd be funny to see since so many ships and alot of log outs, now yes your wasting peoples ISK and probably years of time on something, BUT HEY its fun.

But heres the twist.

They Get to Keep there items, ship, everything they had on them since were trolling them, and thatd be funny to me, but itd scare like half of the server, now yes not alot of people like me, a lot of people hate me because im a jackass and yes i know im probs a ■■■■■■■ Twat on twitter, but hey. you dont get to see it happen, idc if it does happen or not, because itd be the event where people are in most system and itd be scary and so questionable for everyone online.

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Servers would crash lol

this sorta happened, not teleport but several years in a row a loot pinata pos was stashed in lowsec with tons of empty ships, once the shield went down, whoever got out with a ship kept it and it was undefended, but 1000 people in 8 different fleets showed up and the tidi was awful, lol

Last one I remember was about 2015

Lmao too funny

Who are you on Twitter? :slightly_smiling_face:

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