Freighters and Vengeance

Ive been reading the various suggestions for freighters and what people think need to happen on both sides.
But they have missed the best idea.

Just like a cargo expander i want to shove something in my low slots that’s effectively explosives.

When the freighter pilot feels its hes lost all hope, they hit their self destruct button.
It kills the ship, the cargo, the pilots pod, the gankers, the gankers pods, hell even concord… just one glorious fireball of destruction.

To all the gankers… as you say to the freighters guys “what’s life without risk”
To all the freighters … “Finally you will have killmails to be proud of”

When did Good Sportsmanship die?

What ever happened to saying “well played”, giving a salute and moving when you are outplayed and your ship explodes? I mean, it’s fine to want vengeance and to immediately begin plotting your in-game revenge, but what’s with craving for spite in so many players these days?

I’m not gonna go all bitter vet here and maybe I am wrong, but it feels like it wasn’t always like this. Exploding spaceships is a thing that should be celebrated, not poisoned with negative feelings and butthurt.

Ah well. Fly dangerous anyway!

  1. Fit module
  2. Fly up next to miners
  3. Blow up

No, this won’t be abused at all :skull_and_crossbones:

  1. Fit module
  2. Undock from Jita
  3. Cackle maniacally
  4. Remember to push The Button
  5. Cackle maniacally

Also… that idea has been suggested at least a million times now. With the same answers every single time.

And since there’s another form of abuse that I would love to use this for:

  1. Fit module
  2. Camp a highsec gate
  3. Find a gank target and blow it up.
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I’ve changed my mind, I am +1 on this, anything that blows up at or near Jita is a +1 IMHO!!

We can fit this to a reaper right?

Better: make it so that the freighter auto-self destructs when bumped. Even when undocking, or because it bumps into something near a gate or so.

It would have to be rolled out without a server reset as an event, prime time, unannounced :skull:

I’d rather see all freighter and orca pilots get set to -10 standings. Then you don’t even need to bump them, they’ll align slow enough that concord will just go take a few potshots at them.

There are a few nice caravans of 5-8 Freighters that fly around together.

This would be a great way to gank them. Suicide freighter.

I like how it’s ‘glorious’ only after you’ve already lost, but it’s ‘being mean’ if the gankers win.

Not to mention hidden under the guise of “putting risk on both sides”, as though getting concordededed isn’t enough risk. They’re only getting blown up, so I can understand why you might want more risk.

for the last 10 years gankers have been patting themselves on the back for attacking something with the combat capabilities of a fluffy pillow.

just once even if its short lived. i would love to see that pillow with a brick in it

They already have bricks in them. That’s the pilots.

They don’t even rub two brain cells together to outsmart the gankers before a gank can ever occur.

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