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Hi i was directed to post here, So i have an interesting concept that could be really cool that none of the other space based games has done yet, So i was thinking, how about you do an event with the game’s IP owner/ Developer to have an timed event or give us blueprints to develop ships from that game such as the following:
Mas Effect:
So ships like the following:
Geth Dreadnaught/Battleship
Geth Dropship
Harbinger Class Reaper(Capital Ship)
Sovereign Class Reaper(Battleship-Dreadnaught)
Destroyer(lets call it a Hades Class)
Husk Class Transport/Cargo Ship
Destiny Ascention Class Capital Ship
The others i couldn’t find the names or classes of the other aliens so i won’t me naming specifics

CRS Cruiser
DDS Class Super Cruiser
OSS Class Battle Carrier
Type 52 Troop Carrier
SDV Class Corvette

Star Wars:


and various others comes to mind, too many to look up

So yeah, some ideas for events that can be done, will set the game apart from others

uhh… huh? This is Eve Online forums.

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can you say copyright infringement.

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After seeing your idea, are you sure you went to where they suggested you go? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:


If nothing else, I don’t know if disney would do that. The small (to them) amount of money Pearl Abyss would pay them for such type of collaberation might not be motivating enough to them to “risk” their IP / reputation.
Then again…they are awfully greedy…so…hmm…

ScarJo is a perfect example of Disney’s greediness.

How is this an event?

A blueprint is a thing.


Gee, I wonder why :thinking:

Uhh… I don’t think those blueprints exist.
Also, please, look up the definition of “Event”.

By whom? Whoever it was, your O.P must be their idea of a prank.

The only crossover I want to see is with Blue Origin, that way we can get the space pen is.
No P2W

You know, its absolutely unnecessary to be rude, Really why does eve online has to be so damn toxic?

[ Alternate reply due to censure ]
omg! YOU said I was rude and, of course because you said it then it’s automatically true! PLEASE please please find it in your heart to forgive me, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep until I know you’ve forgiven me.

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They haven’t even gone to orbit and if they ever do, it would only be seats for tourists. Their vessel is useless.

I dont think I’d like to see ships from other IPs in Eve. They wouldn’t quite fit the tone, and would also be sort of odd to shoehorn in. Especially when we have a lot of specialized ships already.

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It’s not… it subscribes to the rather healthy mentality of HTFU. The world would be a better place if more people did rather than getting upset because someone on the internet didn’t bother to sugar coat things.

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… and besides, sugar is bad for you.


As something that would be cool to see (as we have seen in other games) I don’t think it’s quite as simple as we would like - especially as it will take some considerable time to develop event ships and making sure they are balancing along with the vast number of ships.

Unfortuantely, I think its best to close the thread as it has already gone off course.

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