Its an ADVERTISEMENT, Stop calling it an "event"

I can’t wait for the Toothpaste event to interrupt my TV show every 7 minutes.

The Crest crossover with Friends is great.

I guess thats how Joey keeps his teeth sparkling! Crest! Buy CREST!

When can we get a Friends X Eve crossover? I want a Joey skin! we can stream Friends on the station screens! We can have “The Friends Ship”!

Or a Rick & Morty crossover! IM PICKLE TITAN! PICKLE TITANNN!!! Wouldn’t it be so coooool, guys?

And why stop at skins? We could have flying phonebooths in eve! A new shuttle!


are you going to keep crying up to or after Jan 13?

i’m not crying. i’m advocating for it. I’m cheerleading this into the dirt.

I want a tardigrade or whatever its called. The phonebooth thing! i want to fly a phonebooth!

give me tardigrades too. Giant Blue Tardigrades should become an official resource required for the manufacture of Jump-capable ships.

in the new Star Trek crossover.

We can get giant tardigrades by running medical supplies to the new delta quadrant


Is there something strange, in your Upwell Structure? Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

EVENT! Help the Ghostbusters(c)™(patentpending) fight off ghosts haunting the halls of your Upwell structures!


wouldn’t it be so cool, guys?


Once you realize that a car wreck is an “event”, too, all things then come into clearer focus for you in regards to EVE.


This is more like a car wrecking into a train, which is then hit by a 747 falling out of the sky, which is then hit by a comet. And then the sun goes supernova. The End.


Minmatar for sure!


OMG I’m laughing myself into a headache!


Bro you are literally making threads crying. This is like the 2nd or third one. You still don’t understand that its not an advertisement.

I mean I find it funny still but also its just getting tempered by abject pity at this time point.

Its like I laugh at you but then I’m like damn this dude’s life is sad and its kinda a sobering thing yennoe?

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It’s both.

Stop whining about semantics. No one cares if you personally approve of it, or if you’re going to participate.

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That actually sounds like a Dr Who episode.

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