Can we PLEASE have some INDUSTRY events please??
Self isolation gives us a lot more game time


Where are you currently mining? I will try to come up with something.


How about no. Not all of us get the “luxery” of sitting on our ass and playing Eve because we have to “work” from home. Many of us still have to go in to work and catering to you guys would be ■■■■■■■■.

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What? I mean, I would have understood if people were saying no to events aimed at industrialists, but I didn’t realize that social distancing was the most useful demographic distinction to this discussion.

Speaking of which, some of us like fajitas, and catering to the taco lovers would be ■■■■■■■■.

As an industrialist aren’t you ur own content provider? Pretty much?

The Frostline event wasn’t bad I 'spose. Otherwise you’ll end up with those events from a while back where you got points for mining and rewards which is basically mining missions & RW anyway.

Or do you just want something shiny?

Eh, I can get behind this. I mean, I really liked most of the live events as is, but more variation to them would spread the love to other playstyles and might incentivize people to try new stuff.

Nothing wrong with different events, however it shouldnt be because someone is bored sitting at home because they dont go to work.

Well, it’s a moot point because I doubt CCP could get something out before the Coronavirus thing was over, but I disagree. Apparently a lot of people have been staying home and gaming more, and one of the reasons devs do live events is to get people to play their games over others. For example, people apparently play more during the holidays, so devs try to get them to play their games during that time with live events because the more time they spend there, the more likely they’ll spend money on the game.

Crap, got to run.

We could organise a game of “dodge the catalyst”!

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Why does everyone need want events? Themepark lust…

That kind of my point though, we dont need some useless event that is crap because of stuff happening IRL. Asking for something because you have more time to play is useless if you cant just play the game as is. If you need events then you will quickly hate this game.

If you’re an industrialist, simply look at your value chain. How many links are you participating in? If you have more time, produce more of your inputs instead of buying them. Between mining, reprocessing, PI, research, invention, manufacturing, hauling and managing your markets, you can easily turn Eve into a full time job with no time for events!

Well, I already do multiple activities in both PvE and PvP, and there is a bunch of stuff that interests me that I haven’t gotten into yet. However, from a PvE perspective, events are something different to do for a while and often lucrative. From a PvP perspective, they put more players in space, with many of them flying loot pinatas (they’re tanked against the rats, so they have resists holes, they have their bling, and often several sites worth of loot).

I understand that there are opportunity costs, so that time spent working on live events is time taken away from other stuff. But, that doesn’t make them useless, nor does it mean that there aren’t a lot of players that like them. Indeed, I certainly saw them come out of the woodwork to complain about GG2019.

Anyway, I have heard players call damn near every feature in this game useless, a waste of developer resources, a mistake that should be rolled back, or something along those lines. In just the past month or so, I’ve seen people say it about the Lowsec Changes, The Market Changes, Resource Scarcity, Frigate Escape Bay, Killing Sprees, Login Events, Live Events, The Abyss, Mutaplasmids, Highsec Ganking, Alpha Accounts, the Alliance Tournament, and Skins (and that’s just what I remember of the top of my head). And I guarantee you that there are people out there saying the same thing about a lot of the things you like.

I mean, if CCP only made stuff that appealed to everyone, they wouldn’t make anything at all.

Its not that those events are useless, but as you said its borderline impossible for them to come up with an event beforethe OP has to actually go back to work, if they did release something in the next week or so it would most likely suck.

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