Id love to see a Star Trek event - call me nuts lol

Dunno, but i would seem cool to have the enterprise show up in jita and freak everyone out, and have some event action fighting the borg lol. It would prob never happen considering how much IRL that would cost ( unless paramount found it mutually beneficial, of course) Star Wars fans prob cringing at this post, but then again, Star wars would be cool too… Mimitar frigates vs the death star… o7

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I’m going to stay neutral on crossover events… it is tricky with the IP’s involved.

But if you squint sideways, through weird lenses, while balancing upside down… you can see a ship already in Eve that kinda slightly looks like an A-Wing… and another ship that is reminiscent of a Rebel Transport… (there can even be an argument made for a B-Wing lookalike, but it is a biiiig stretch)

lol i can see Darth Vader arriving in a Pacifier and rebel Stilettos fleeting in on some evil drakes…

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Burn it with fire.

be gone, satan

If we get a star trek event, I will just go play Star Trek Online lol

If anything, BSG would be a reasonable crossover. (The reboot series)

The BSG fleet wandering through New Eden space looking for the mythical “Earth”.

Dovetails well with EVE lore too.


We’d ask for Star Trek and get Discovery. :woozy_face:


Then it wouldn’t be an eve crossover event…

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I’ve had a hard time getting discovery in the like zone… just not the star trek I grew up with

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Even if voyager got lost in the eve verse lol… prob won’t come to pass, but if ccp surprised us, hell it would be an event to remember

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Borg incursion. :upside_down_face:

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Imagine Sisko and crew aboard the Defiant entering the Bajoran wormhole just to be greeted by a flight of Catalysts on the other side ganking them right away.



Not even the STO players are all that thrilled with Discovery. lol


:grin: It’s true.

Jolan tru, welcome btw

Shaka, when the walls fell


Temba, his arms wide


Carebear, mouth wide open
Ganker, salt shaker filled
Antiganker, eyes roll in circles

Jitatrader, doubling wallet
Investor, wallet wide open
Spectators, laughter echoes


You’re nuts.