The Plot Thickens #NotAGameDev

Sneak Peak :wink:


Desert Planets!?!

Oh look, you rendered some pretty pictures of a spaceship and a planet. The fact that you think that this, rather than a demonstration of any kind of game mechanics or design concepts, is a compelling defense is just more proof that you are a liar and a fraud who doesn’t understand game design at all.



Pew Pew action :wink:

I don’t see how this relates to EVE Online since they’re just random screenshots of something else. Unless, of course, that’s “your” “game” as a “developer”, in which case, it’s borderline advertising another game in the EVE general discussion forums, which is also a no-no. :slight_smile:


I hear a lot of salt in this.
You guys wanted evidence, you got it. Now you refuse to accept it?
Looks like i was right, and everything you guys do here is just useless trolling.

I giggle at how pathetic you are, and it’s gona get good when i launch and laugh at you :wink:

I’m simply stating that you should have put this post in another section of the subforums.

As for this comment:

A couple of low quality screenshots doesn’t count as evidence of anything, friendo.

I hope one day you’ll grow out of this habitual lying.

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You guys are truly pathetic, beyond words. by he who’s hands my soul rests, you would not accept any evidence, even it it was the sun standing next to you. That is fine, should you find your way to my game, know that you will quickly get a ban if you decide to proceed with your low-life scumbag attitudes there. unlike ccp, we wont tolerate it.

Please stop trying to advertise your “game” on here, thanks. :slight_smile:

Oh, and assuming these are “screenshots” from your “game”, I hope you’re not in violation of any silly contract, like an NDA. Though I’m sure you’ve taken care of that, right?

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Is that a Gila? Kiiiiiiiinda looks like a Gila.


Oh noes, not the nda’s! They are ova-pwrz!!
Not all companies use nda’s my friend.

Na, actually the head is more like a diamond, but it’s zoomed out a bit to see it. Lightning is a bit off because i am working on the hd-client and i had to do some work on the PPE.

The ones worth their salt do, my friend.
Just keep digging your own hole though.

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If the OP does indeed have a game in development the forums of another game are hardly the place to discuss it.

The Eve forums are, with the exception of Out of Pod Experience, for Eve; which is where this belongs if it belongs at all.

That said, there’s probably an argument for putting it in the Role Play sub forum.



Aren’t you unemployed, looking after your sick mother and working on personal projects?

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Needs more basement and cheetos.

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Don’t you understand that based on all your ■■■■■■■■ ideas even if you convince us you are a game dev, we will just think you are a shitty game dev and be glad you don’t work for CCP :rofl:

Maybe you think some naïve groupies will agree with you just because you say you are a game dev?

The way to get people to agree with you is to have good ideas.


So, i have to think up ways to abuse the already dismal population of eve, to get the approval of a few rejects who are social outcasts, and mentally damaged?

Yea, Hard pass on that one there captain saltflake.

It’s his own words:

But then of course:

If he has a game close to alpha, then screenshots are a pretty low effort. Screen recording of play would be ok.

At the same time, he’s also claimed in the past that he has games that have been in the market longer than EVE and are still going strong.

Can’t name any of them of course.

So yeah, maybe more basement and cheetos is what’s needed.


“Hmm. Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter…”

Where can I learn more?