The Plot Thickens #NotAGameDev

The last time you tried, you lied about having 5,000 votes to get in the CSM in an effort to try and get Hilmar fired. How’d that go again?


This could be arranged :wink:

“could” is just talk. No need to talk.

Do or don’t. But just posting about how you could is more evidence that the screenshots are just fluff.

I could produce something similar with some assets and writing some code in less than an hour. That doesn’t make a game, nor a developer.


You missed a Yoda opportunity right there, shame on you.


I find you guys untrustworthy and really dont care for your opinions. I got my laughs out of this post, i think i am done with it :wink:

You will just have to wait until launch to see the game beyond the above screen shots. Should be soon, so you wont have to wait long.

The feeling is reciprocated, on a large scale.



I’m really intrigued by this guerrilla marketing campaign you’ve been running the last months. Your unorthodox way of raising buzz might merit a chapter in a text book some day if this project finds success!

Make sure to drop some alpha inks in this thread, or maybe the Our of Pod thread is more appropriate, when you are starting public testing.


Now we’re definitely getting into advertising of other games in the EVE Online “General Discussions” subforum.


My old friend,

Mentioning the game i am working on here is nothing more then a way to really embarrass the trolls here and put them in their place. I am not trying to advertise anything here on eve forums out side of the stupidity of your reject friends.

I wish eve good, and hope that it can heal. It is hardset on taking paths i do not agree with, and i’d like it to heal to see it play out longer, and i am bent on helping eve heal not just for eve and the many years of fun, but because it is extremely important for the future of gaming.

Why do you ask?

I strongly believe the future of gaming is either in games like eve, (sandbox versions of space games, or sandbox wow’s). This will become more common in the industry as technology progresses. Eve is old, and it had to do various things to validate this form of game play, but other games, newer games may not be as limited.

The question is if this “blob” gameplay is really beneficial or not. Eve has long been spear-heading that construct of large scale player combat. I (over the years), am growing in the opinion that is not a good system design wise, for many reasons but more then anything just the sheer over-powered nature of blobbing and its nature that results in destruction of the smaller guy and leading to things like “blue donuts”.

This may not be the case with some changes to the systems in the game for example, if you had a very difficult time to target the find and target the same person (think eve with out overview), or you could not lock the same target (Though this has an issue of having a person constantly stuck in trying to find a target to Lock, all be it simple to solve presumably).

For this reason and a few other key points for the sake of the industry, we need eve not only to survive, but to thrive again.

Plus, it would be a really big shame to see the only stable game of this type go out the door, no matter how many of you douchebags are on the forums.

In March last year it was 6 weeks away from alpha.

You should work for CIG.


Looks a bit like EVE. Is there CQ even? Or avatar customization?

Narcissism at it’s finest!

I am also sort of developing my own little game with my imagination in Eve online but I am not a developer nor of any game and I don’t work for CCP. You all are actually participants in it’s development, 100% player driven. I am only here to observe how you all play and develop it.

Best part is not always knowing what will happen next as I cannot always predict what decisions players might make.

I like this game.


I thought I had a big ego. I did. I honestly thought I was the narcissist’s narcissist.

I thought I knew ego.

I knew nothing.

I’m crushed.




Thank you for letting us know you wont be running for CSM again.

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Hey, maybe he is a game developer after all. Endlessly extended deadlines on vaporware projects is an industry standard! Maybe soon we’ll see a kickstarter with some pretty screenshots and enough years of empty promises for the statute of limitations on fraud to run out.

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You didn’t provide any evidence at all. You posted some pictures that any decent 3d artist could create in about 15 minutes. You provided no gameplay examples, no design documents, nothing that would indicate any meaningful level of progress in developing a game. And the fact that you think this in any way proof continues to demonstrate your lack of understanding of game design. You’re such a clueless fraud that you don’t even know the right lies to tell!

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Honestly it just looks like an undergraduate’s class project at best and a shitty browser game at worst, especially with that resolution.

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Avatars like eve has will probably be a post-beta content patch if they get added (im not sure about that yet).

I want players to make the ship their avatar. As such i am creating a system where ships are broken into sections, and the sections all line up with each other, making a ship. Sections will probably be graphical in nature, and new graphical sections will be a miro-transaction option via the item shop. All sections will be designed with a race specific construct/feel to it so that all amarr ships for example look amarr in nature.

Out side of this a lot of time and effort is going into allowing the player to mechanically alter the way that modules work. For example, If you wanted to make minmatar arty’s bounce from target to target, you could modify the weapons to do this. Maybe you want the shields to be modified in a way that they absorb a % of damage. there is a lot of such things in the game as we speak.

If i add avatars later it will be part of a walking on station option, which is actually very easy to set up so it would not really be a big deal in terms of what eve went through etc. Its just a matter of making the station externally and internally, and then setting up basic movement, the environment, and anything that walking on the station might need (like casino’s etc).