Warbarge Ideas

so with first strike well under way, the impulsive desire to scream “wtb warbarge” has returned.

vanguard uses credits on planets (at least for now)

there are some further options in game such as recycling, however what i think would be awesome AF for the warbarge would be to operate as a space based mobile operation platform for warclones.

acting as a orbital reprocessing center, market and deployment zone.

my thoughts on the matter are to gather loot and sell it directly to the capsuleer in orbit, nanites, broadcast nodes are things found scattered around the battlefield and are reasonably inexpensive for a solo capsuleer to purchase.
naturally other PI Materials from the ship or perhaps even in its cargo could be salvaged and sold back to the capsuleer.

this gives the warclones ISK, however equally the ship acting as a market and mobile FOB. having flat packed assets such as tanks, aircraft etc, COULD make a come back into the game which warclones buy for ISK, making flying a warbarge profitable depending on how operations on the ground are going.

once you have the isk as a capsuleer you’re usually good, so providing the construction and sale of ground support items, as mentioned before, deployable turrets (like dust) or perhaps warbarges can deploy planetary based space weapons (i’m thinking bring back the old Null Cannons from Dust) to keep other capsuleers away from the warbarge) incidentally this creates a strategical target for the warclones.

I know the warbarge is a long way off.
however being able to buy and sell with warclones (working almost like a built in buy back program/system), adding deployables to support the ground forces and perhaps even bring back the glorious orbital strike, but for me most importantly.

as a warclone i want to be able to be fired at a planet in a pod which breaks open and use my inertial dampeners to land on the planet again, like the dust 514 gameplay when you dropped from the MCC and also something seen in the trailer.