Capsuleer Deployed Mobile Command Centre

so playing the ever loving crap out of vanguard and I’ve been mulling over the later part of the road map for “capsuleer contracts” a big factor is “how do the clones get to the planet?” and to that i have an idea:
a capsuleer built and deployed mobile command centre. they mine, they build they fly to the planet and deploy it like ho you would it PI, once its deployed it begins committing a “combat beacon” players searching for a match can jump to this, any corp or capsuleer contracts made could be linked to that MCC so you have the right contract for the right part of the game, to me at the moment this makes the most sense.

For initial launch, we’ll likely be taking contracts for npcs. When it comes to taking player contracts, a capsuleer will probably have to put the vanguard gear in the planet’s poco.

I personally hope for more work done on content near planets, so if we actually get pois on planets, you may one day just be able to fly to the location, and launch drop pods directly from your ship.

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that would also be great, being able to drop warclones from the warbarge like how we saw in the old dust trailer & gameplay (the inertial dampener landing thing was awesome)

Yeah, dropping in from the sky solves the issue of spawn camping.

good point, perhaps then the MCC should have some kind of non lethal deterrent field around it to allow the warclones chance to land, currently vanguard has random spawning and i suppose this makes sense if you were finding a random contract via a quick match, but if you want to drop your corp nerds onto a planet i can see Deployable MCC which servers as their spawn point.

That might be good for corp / alliance level ops, but I think it would be good for vanguards to have their corvette level ships as well, that they’d be able to pilot and move around in space. (This is for years after launch most likely, but I think it’s a good goal.)

The idea would be to create the viscereal expereince. I’m not sure if you saw that opening valkyrie scene, but it was epic. Flying in among the fleet, and seeing those ships from up close, it’s the perfect sort of atmosphere to capture.

the warclone corvette should be a fighter (to give that EVE Valkyrie/fighter pilot fantasy we all want).

fighters used to be able to warp across solar systems, so perhaps capsuleers can have a planetary deployable for a hanger (warclones get a low key fighter, but any fighters loaded into it buy capsuleers can be purchased by warclones) allowing them to upgrade, and bringing that EVE Market experience between corvette, T1/ Faction & T2 directly to them on the ground.

they taxi out to the runway, get locked in and aimed towards space and blast off, que some warp graphic and a loading screen later and you arrive on grid.

couple that with capital ships and nanohuristic clone mappers if you get blown up, you then respawn as a warclone in the capital ship, you can run and gun through the ship and take a contract OR you can run to the fighter buy, grab a corvette / buy a fighter from the capsuleers fighter bay.

I also think warbarges should have the ability to launch fighters but no real fighters, however this is mainly so warclones can grab a corvette and breach into space.

the issue with all this as awesome as it sounds is that vanguard is not directly hardwired into EVE Like how Dust514 was the vanguard servers are seperate but the information packets are exchanged, so to load and interact on a grid as complex as EVE, I’m sure would be a real challenge given the dynamics of the grid on EVE, however i would love to see that as a capsuleer, randomly my ship launches a fighter or two while i’m under attack and its vanguard players and i can watch them fly and fight on the local grid.

using existing fleet commands like broadcasting primary’s it would be easy for vanguard players to see what to hit and with a warp ability on fighters, if the FC warps the fleet, they’ll be first to go and hardest to hit, if they die…well assuming they’re using nano clone mappers they’ll respawn on the nearest ship with a tactical recloner. this would easily be in the long term area of about 3-5 years down the line.

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Yeah, I certainly want the Valkyrie fighter combat ported into Vanguard eventually as well, but that’s obviously for a future expansion.

My comment about the corvette, is that it’s about the right size to give players the bounty hunter / smuggler feel from Star Wars that gives everyone chills when they think about it. It should also be easier to implement, because the ship effectively operates as a shuttle (no guns to speak of - civilian grade guns are garbage compared to even t1 trash.)

So pretty much all the Vanguard client would be doing is reading positions of ships in real time and placing them at the relevant coordinates. Ships too far away wouldn’t necessarily even need to be rendered. The Vanguard ship would exist, effectively as an npc ship in space, getting it’s positional data from the Vanguard server.

As for war barges, I think it makes the most sense to give them the battleship classification, or that escort carrier (t2 battleship) designation so many people have been talking about over the years.

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i can see that, i mean moving vanguard and eve stuff between the two servers is cool AF not going to lie but how to make the tech for that work is way beyond me.

i could see warbarges being battleship size, makes a lot of sense but i feel they’d need their own classification and most importantly be alpha friendly, you can easily then move warclones around.

the PI stuff too does also fit within the bounds of warclones, where you can place stuff on planets but can’t extract goods, however if you could please “planetary claim modules” for example so you could conquer a planet and players looking for a quick match choose to join that would be pretty good.

to be fair i’d like to see the triglavians use something like that, similar to how we have the corruption / suppression, I’d like to see triglavians crawl through solar systems conquering planet after planet, this would draw fights away from gates too like how we saw with the trig invasion arc.

trigs have that gate thing right in the middle of pochven, what would be cool if it acts similar in concept to a ship caster, however it opens abyssal door ways like how we saw in the invasion arc.

trigs come through and begin their conquest of the solar system, dropping clones down on the planet while battling at the sun for transmuters would create a warzone where almost every aspect of the system is being used, i could also see warclones doing tactical ops into transmuters, athanors and keepstars… god i really hope thats in the next test.

I see Warbarges as a corporation or alliance asset, so I don’t think it’s necessary for an alpha to be able to own one. It’s only necessary that alphas are able to launch missions or undock and fly around the universe from the Warbarge (if the game play around Warbarges is accessible to alphas – it’s possible alphas will only be given access to the basic match making mode.)

Yeah, I’d like the see pi get a rework, especially with a Sim City style city builder attached to it so our Vanguard maps can be dynamic.

an interesting take, however with an emphasis on team work being bought forward almost all solo game play content is now even smaller than before, personally I’ve always primarily been a miner / industrialist and over the years my capabilities by having one account have gotten smaller and smaller, the introduction of internal assets for ships are great as they need to be produced in bulk so there is a level to that being available, however, with multiboxers still being present in the game they are able to effectively over power this demographic and remove this content from solo players.

now as an alpha this is very important because a huge aspect of the game which is already reduced has been reduced further, alpha’s being allowed to fly warbarges would be a truly fantastic feature. for myself personally i could go out, mine, produce stuff for ground ops and then based off my warbarge post, sell it to the deployed warclones

(see here for warbarge post: Warbarge Ideas )

this means that you still get the aspect of team work and personally i love the idea of being a capsuleer which supports warclones and chauffeuring them around the universe, however i can still on a solo level do my thing without requiring other players, not that i have any kind of issue with other players but i just feel that this approach to game play would be best suited, if warbarges are categorized as battleships then alphas should fly them for sure in keeping with alpha requirements.

keeping with the PI aspect of being able to put things on planets but not bring them up, opens up alpha players to be an integral part of the community without having to spend much, naturally larger groups will have someone with an alt in their ranks and i’m sure will work for their needs, but the game should also have the ability to support the lone player trying to scrape by, you operate as a solo player in terms of you own industry but that industry is for the warclones in your group and you can provide whatever they need.

I do think my ideas for the warbarge acting as a sort of troop transport, mobile market & orbital support for the warclones has merit, running planet raids / industrial raids (or whatever maybe) is kind of like your ratting, except your income is a variable based on how well the fight’s going for your troops, if you know your boots on the ground are going to buy something, you’re more likely to be there in orbit not only for the sales but for the extraction too.