Player owned FOB's

allow corps and alliances to build and anchor FOB’s.
this will spawn Vanguard and NPC Pilots who will fight and fight other factions via C/S for control of a system.

you could use “workforce” which is generated from sky hooks as a way to represent the number of vanguard & pilots fighting in your stead on planets & in space.

for extra spice… what you could do is further have PO-FOB’s appear on both EVE Servers and the information for C/S shared between both servers, at least in theory.

personally I’d like to see that as it would allow all players to interact with each other via indirect means of C/S mechanics and the effects across Tranquility & Serenity and EO & Vanguard.

more players = more war = more fun

Absofuqinglutely not.

You want to control an area, you need to take it and hold it. No spawning of NPCs to take control of space for you. The mental disconnect to somehow equate more NPCs to more players is staggering.

Also, your idea was tried and failed during Dust, when they tried to link planetary control to the gamplay in Dust.

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Control of a solar systems use to be ‘structures in space’.
If we change that ‘in orbit around a planet’, and a planet controls what is in orbit around it?

It is a new environment coming to EVE, and maybe we are still in the brainstorming phase of the discussion?

No it isn’t. Nearly every aspect of this suggestion was either tried before, and failed, or is just not something that belongs in EvE in the first place.

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