Player Government's and systems

a concept that i haven’t seen in many space games like eve but i believe it would be a great addition to eve online,
the concept of player ran systems, have corporation’s be able to control there systems, based off of what’s already in game but allow the corporation’s to create governments within there systems, have players be able to have one central planet to home the player government, then have them be able to build populations with either npc events or players it would be up to the government’s of the home system to control these other planets on wither they succeed and thrive or fail and become a dead planet . { being able to be in a first person or third person view point, while being able to walk around and interact with other players or items while in these viewpoints, being able to create or build buildings on planets, resources will still have to be mined off planet etc with current systems in place just add to functions, then building off of current systems in place corporations would be able to fight over these systems for control, cap at x amount of systems one corporation can control at a time, be able to let both alpha and omega players the option of these ideas for fairness, have it set to were certain items or planets, or npc types can only be made from resources or payed for with isk or plex,

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