Corporation/Alliance Planets as Strategy Game?

Eve is a great game - but i am still missing some kind of management for the Planet Stuff.

Why you cant place a Settlement on the City near your industrial stuff and then, depending on their Planet, you need to deliever food,produce food while the citizen itself boost your PI or produce some other regular products which you need to gain a better ISK income per day and so on.

On the other hand you should be able to do some Strategic Battle with it when you could set an Pilot as Governor for the happening fight and he has to outsmart the enemy player.

So creating Soldiers, Civiliance, Marines(on the Planet) or Clones and Special Troops (on Stations) to overwhelm and conquer a planet which is hold by a corporation with some kind of planning you can see in other grand strategy games.

Also if you see your planet is under attack: You could still destroy the attacking ship (which, after being destroyed stop the attack at all) and adding more stuff to build like tanks, fighter, armor for the units, weapons for the units, armor for the units and many more stuff which could add more depth into the game.

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PI is complicated enough, thanks.

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I think this is a great idea.


So do I. PI need some spice and OP suggestions would add that.


Just gonna end up like dust or WiS. Nah

Why it should end like DUST when its implemented in Eve itself? its not like there is a different game outside you have to play.

And Eve have the mechanics you would need for something like that already ingame.

Also: you still could produce the same way as today but you will miss the higher output from the settlers.

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