Planetary invasion, an Eve strategic game


Dear devs, I am not innocent, I know its resources, time and money, that project fails and that can be dangerous for the company health.

Also, I am not a professional game designer. And maybe as a player my opinion is not widely shared.

But with 3 decades of player experience in all genre, here my humble pitch.

As a strategic player, some would say Grand strategist game, like HOI4, I would find amazing a strategic game about planetary conquest in a cross-over with eve online.

That, the initial invasion force would be an Eve online’ corporation expenditure to give me, the strategist, the initials units for a beach head.
That the eve corporation can deliver me more units to support the defense/invasion.
That, this corporation players, can assist when i call for orbital bombardment, or the opposite, the defending corporation bombing the invader to help defend.

The strategist being a mercenary specially contracted for the invasion/defense, or a Eve corporation’ player acting as strategist. The goal would be to keep/acquire military control of the planet means of production and resources fields for the corporation economical benefit directly in Eve Online.

Best regards,

Their Shanghai office is working on a 4x game.

That said, with their integration of a shooter ( they could also do a planetside squad based rts which would also create some more content for the fps bros. I have some old posts about that sort of thing.