Planetary Invasions

This is a basic idea I have been thinking about.

Just as the title suggests. To control a planet you have to have troops and planetary dictator’s.

To invade and control regions of a planet you have to use transport ships with drop pod troops. Of course escorted buy other ships.

These troops are created at troop stations in space from materials gathered and created from the Eve universe. Each tech having its unique effects.

Also you can drop machines of war like tanks and planetary aircraft.

Planets effect what type of troops and equipment you use. This is where the skill of a general effects the outcome of the war.

These fights can last as long as the supplies keep dropping in and the efficiency of the troops.

The war can be monitored in planetary mode. Its in this mode the general decides what to do with his troops.

Also you can use like pre war tactics infiltrating spies and saboteur’s. Degrading the effectiveness of the fighting force. This could be used a indicator for the control of a system. Since ground troops are expensive.

These are some of the idea’s I was floating around. Curious as to what other people think. It could introduce a whole another element to the gameplay if executed correctly and no the troops are not players.


If it’s for PI, you can just control the POCO.

I suspect that would create a massive additional load on clusters that are already periodically overwhelmed, and it would probably cause serious time dilation. Besides that, creating additional barriers to PI materials will just drive up market prices. Rachel Carter, are you saying you want to pay more for ships and materials?

ccp has made this mistake before but i hope they have learned now to keep their internet spaceship game in spaceships in space

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