Planetary Empire (Pi Skill Expansion)

was just a thought of why we’re capped at 6 planets, there are many planets in the game and i could get back in 2004 having a capped limit of planets was important, but maybe we could nudge that up a little bit more, not sure if there are system or database limits or maybe PI is legacy code. but if we can’t get extra planets, maybe we could look at getting something like orbital resource satellites.

my thinking is that Planetary Empire should allow +1 planet per 2 levels OR perhaps an Orbital Resource Satellite per level

this would act like the moon det stuff but on a MUCH smaller level, simply a tractor beam firing at the planet pulling up a variety of resources a sort of “pot luck” rather than harvest specific resource from a command centre.

if its a satellite perhaps it could have a double purpose of “orbital defense battery” this way if someone wants to pop your POCO or the satellite they’ve got a more meaty fight.
give it a re-enforced timer like you do with Mobile depos and that could be something kinda interesting to play with

just wanted to bounce around the concept rather and a thought out idea.

what are peoples thoughts on this so far.

You aren’t capped at 6 planets. You can have 18 PI planets per account…

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true, but i’m talking about on a single toon, i personally only plex 1 toon on my account because its what i can afford, but it also happens to be my play style.
I’m not sure what the policy is on placing a command center down on a planet as an alpha account but i know you cannot remove resources from a planet unless you’re an Omega. so i have to pay for 30 days game time to do maybe 4 extractions a week?

seems a bit pointless I get that Omega opens up a whole range of game play, but maybe there could be a more “build your own subscription” type of approach in the future, a “build your own omega” this way people are paying for the things they want in the game, a big reason why people have left the game is because they can’t pay for their X amount of alts which now hinders them, but having an alpha clone who has paid for cyno and PI capabilities for the month at a lower cost, could be something to look at

personally I’d like a little more wiggle room on my omega toon when it comes to PI, i get there should be a limit and i’m not saying to create a limitless system, but more of a “please sir can i have some more” approach.

if i can’t have that, could i just pay a lower price to have those skills unlocked maybe?

so its alpha + pi skills or
alpha + cyno skills

You plex the account, not the character.

With one omega subacription you’ll have access to 18 planets.

that’s only if i have all the skills trained, i have to pay for a Multiple character training certificate, then train the skills, or stop training my main to get the skills on another toon.

its not just about the planetology skills to give me access to control over these planets, but its the sensor skills too to detect resources, its the logistic skills also, if i’m part of an alliance there are fees or taxes which might not be applicable to multiple toons on the same account due to real life restrictions. couldn’t we just nudge a little bit more out of this skill group?

-additional after thought-

besides if I’m logged in and my discord / mumble name is Drogon and i have to bounce between alts, EVE Becomes more of a micromanagement game than an immersive science fiction game, I’m sure we all get low key excited to log in, but for me if i log in the game shouldn’t i be focused on staying logged in to further increase my own sense of immersion?

because if i’m micromanaging several accounts, isn’t it like playing a kind of long term space farmville or something? “log in, get resources, do a few minor things, switch toons, repeat”

It only takes a month of training, or one MCT certificate, to get your two alts to 5 planets each.

If you are serious about doing PI that would be the minimal investment to do. Yes, a MCT certificate isn’t cheap on the market, but you’ll easily get that ISK back through PI.

So you’d rather go to the forums to ask for more planets per character than simply making use of all the characters that your account has?

(Also, kind of funny to see you say that you don’t want to micromanage in your games, yet you are doing PI… :sweat_smile:)

i didn’t say i didn’t want to micromanage in the game, I’m talking about breaking the immersion as my character, its not just planetary management when you have 5 accounts all with 3 toons. thats a lot of jumping around, i’m for doing PI, but not having to bounce around, i like my stuff in one place, perhaps expanding on PI for those who do it could be an option, no?

planetary management is there for those who want to explore it, it shouldn’t be a case of how many accounts i can afford to run.

We already have 18 planets per account.

If you think 6 per account is not enough and therefore ask for more planets per character (because you don’t want to relog because ‘my immersion’), you’re still asking to multiply that 18 planets for everyone else.

Personally I think 18 planets per account is more than enough.

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We can also only have 11 research/manufacturing slots per toon, and 6 R&D agents per toon. Is having to switch characters to start up more manufacturing jobs breaking “immersion” for industrialists as well? Why even have limits at all at that point? Why not just let everyone have 1,000 manufacturing slots just so they don’t have to swap characters? Just because you want to go it alone solo on a single toon doesn’t mean that everyone else does…

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why does it have to be per character, why not have the ability for more planets on a single character instead of all characters, this way its an extra option for those who want it. on their character, we all have mains we all have alts on our accounts, “my immersion” is about the amount of time i spent logged in on my main, that should be the point to strive for, people logged in for longer, right?

why couldn’t it be some kind of unlockable skill instead of a a payable option, wouldn’t further increasing game play options for people who want greater planetary expansion on a singular account. i don’t see why you couldn’t lock that to one character per account either. create in game content to allow planets in different empire spaces including Pochven, could be interesting.

I’m all for having alts but shouldn’t it be more of a case of giving people the ability to expand on a singular form of game play and push those limits. i can see something like that being omega only.

this is true however the limits on being solo are actually painfully low and limited, what is wrong with electing a main character where the limits could be further pushed. we’re already getting more jump clones, can’t we get more planets too?

I don’t think we should have unlimited slots but I would do unspeakable things to be able to consolidate all my accessible slots onto one character.

Even if I could consolidate all planets on one character, I wouldn’t do it.

I like to be able to light my own cynos, so I have two accounts. Two accounts means I have access to 36 planets.

One character can only place one command center per planet. I’d need to find 36 different planets to pull from, instead of simply placing up to 6 command centers on the same 6 planets like I can do now. (While I have a bigger spread than 6 planets because I want different resources, it’s nowhere close to 36 different planets.)

Consolidating all planets on one character would be a huge setback.

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I agree having the ability to consollidate all your planets on to one toon would be too much, which is why i have suggested a new skill which gives you +1 planet per 2 levels

or alternatively, to re-distribute PI skill into different empire regions, caldari, amarr, minmatar, gallente + trig space.

having maybe 5 planets total per faction (using the core 4 + trigs) for a total of 25 could perhaps be interesting way of re-distributing things, considering the game encourages trade between different regions of space, (high, low, null, WH)

if PI was targeted more towards the logistics pilots, or at the very least logi pilots could sit down with the PI guys to find out which areas have the strongest PI for hauling. it could lead to strengthening logistics lines “oh hey while you’re passing through caldari space, could you pick up this one thing for me?” etc etc.

this way logi pilots can jump clone and move stuff to a central destination, for production, they could just bundle some materials in on top of that too, its my assumption that Triglavian PI is going to be a thing in the game at some point, just… not yet.

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