Please allow to delegate PI / Give access to other corp members


can you please make it so that access to planetary installations can be delegated to other players or corp members, as long as they have the required PI skills?

I’d love to move some of my characters to another region for a while, quite far from my base of operations, but that would mean that I wouldn’t be able to collect the PI materials and pass them to my industrialist, unless I keep jumping to a different clone every other day (which would penalize my skill training since only 1 toon has good implants). It sorts of feels like chain & ball… expensive to train and setup and then have to stick around to actually make any profit from it.

An option may be to be able to “contract” mats stored in a launchpad to make it accessible to a third party.

Please look into it.


While the idea itself isn’t horrible… part of the “ball and chain” feeling you have is because you are doing things with your PI that require a lot of upkeep.

Once I went past my first account, My PI focus became “low effort” rather than “max isk” or “provide raws for industry”.

All P0->P2 planets. Restart once or twice a week. Collect once or twice a month.

PI can be as high or low effort as you want to make it. One of the downsides of high effort setups is that you have to have your toons close.

All that being said… I wouldn’t mind having the ability to let another alt pick up stuff if my PI toon is away.

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I produce T1 only on 7 characters, that I use to make T4 or other things (I have 3 dedicated T4 planets atm). I could go on longer timers but that would lower the yield quite a bit.

Yes, that’s the trade-off.

More time spent managing = better results. You don’t HAVE to spend that time though… that’s the point I was making. My setup isn’t incredibly efficient… but it’s low effort and my toons only need to be in their PI system a couple of times a month.

I tried high-effort PI setups before. I prefer to use my time in eve doing other things. PI just provides some isk to use to do those other things. So low effort it is for me.

in reality most people setup PI on one char and then just relog if they can’t multibox to PI
if you had to relocate your main that’s usually the only solution.

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